Wilson Van Gundy PNWR 2012 1A Prelim 29th

Tell my what you think.  My prelim, out of 61 people.  I had a yoyo switch, but I still think that I did pretty well.

Anyone have any comments?

Pretty good out of 61 people. If you ever want to place higher I suggest that you try to smooth out some of your tricks. Also, try some tricks that can connect with the audience. A lot of people like that. Just have fun, you kinda looked dead serious.


My tricks are actually pretty smooth compares to others if you look. I even had a guy come up to me and say I had some of the most smooth tricks of the contest. I was trying to focus more on tech too, not as much as pleasing the crowd.

Well, I haven’t looked at the other vids, have any links? And I understand your reasoning for the technical tricks, I personally think connecting with the crowd is pretty sweet for the crowd. Most of your tricks were pretty smooth, but not dead smooth. But whatever just suggestions and constructive criticism.

Your prelim score is 100% about your tricks. No pleasing the audience until finals.

Ah, I see, but anyway pretty dang good performance.

That’s what I was attempting to say.^

Lol, no problem.