Amplified Return Tops - Official News

(Spinworthy Glen) #481

Metal Replay Pro?

(Amplified) #482

The profile is totally different… The cup is based on the Horizon, M.O.V.E. , and Marvel…

The dimple in the Metal Replay is raised, this isn’t.

The profile look like this

It is a redesign of the orator…

(Spinworthy Glen) #483

Yeah I see. It’s much different than the Replay!

(Amplified) #484




Wait. So you’re workin on a 3rd release?

(Amplified) #486

The Orator was very fun and is currently my favorite return top. However, I have decided to improve upon the design and rename it. The Ovation is what the Orator was always meant to be.

({RTD} alecto) #487

it just keep getting better and better…


Oh! So you got rid of that center hub? I liked the aestetics of the orator more personally but whatever makes the yoyo better. Still looks illy. Keep up the work homie.

(Amplified) #489

The cup is the only major change that has been made. I do agree with you though, the Orator had a killer look… :slight_smile:


these throws look awesome, i hope to own 1 someday… ok maybe 2 or 3


Okay, so less like a “speaker”, but still looks good nevertheless. How does it play?

(Amplified) #492

Not sure yet. The new redesigned version won’t be in my hand for a few weeks. (Machining)

The Orator plays very well. It’s my current favorite.


What is the difference as far as play between the Orator and Ovation? Why did you change it?

(Amplified) #494

As far as play? Hmmm… I could tell you if I had physical versions of both… Alas, all I have are Orator prototypes right now.

They have different cup designs. I changed it because I felt the design could be improved. The Orator is good. Really good. I just want better.


Not doubting your decision by any means and you want to expand on this design, but more is not always better. But regardless of that, if the original wasn’t as you envisioned, I back you up 100%. Let your dreams run wild


Coming from someone who’s tried an Orator proto, the center hub wasn’t the most fingerspin-friendly despite its design. It spun like the C3 Movitation when its on your finger, where your finger simply goes around the hub. I agree with the fact that the Orator’s hub did give it a nice look, but functionally speaking it could be improved


Of course, I won’t mind taking the hit and keeping the Orator. Don’t worry about it, sometimes we all have to sacrifice. Just PM me when you are sending it, no need to leave it to waste :slight_smile: ;D

(Amplified) #498

I got it covered… :wink:

(Erik Kerber ) #499

I’ll take one too

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