Amplified Return Tops - Official News

({RTD} alecto) #501

im sure you know almost everyone here would like one…

(Amplified) #502

People make sure I do. Lol

({RTD} alecto) #503

you may end up having to make both models…

(Erik Kerber ) #504

Yea you should


You should make a run like the “Advance Scout” and “Scout”, if there was enough demand. Or you can always go with my initial plan :wink:

(Amplified) #506

Or I could just

({RTD} alecto) #507

Or we could stop telling Amplified what to do and throw money at him when he gets the yoyos done…

(Erik Kerber ) #508

Give me some money to throw at him

({RTD} alecto) #509

get yer own bub… i need lots of money to throw at amplified…


Earnin’ money time


I am very much looking forward to seeing the pictures of the new Ovation redesign :slight_smile:



(Amplified) #513


I think you’re gonna like Groovy Gloop. :wink:


shoo dope!


I’m feelin the name.
Going to apply some BS logic here
Groovy Gloop starts with G
Green starts with G
Therefore Groovy Gloop is Green

(Amplified) #516

You’re on the right track. :wink:


Ooh! ;D

Let me use a little bit more of BS Logic:
Groovy Gloop has 2 Gs,
and Buggot has 2 Gs,
so that means it was meant for me and you’re going to send me one to test! ::slight_smile:

(Amplified) #518

No one’s testing second run shouts. :wink:


Oh! I thought that was a colorway for the Oration. My b! Well, hopefully there is a Groovy Gloop Oration I can test :wink:

(angryskills) #520

Am i still gonna be testing the Ovation?