Amplified Return Tops - Official News

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(angryskills) #522

Sweet :slight_smile:
did you get a hold of your manufacturer?

(Amplified) #523

Yes. Got him on speed dial.

A week away from prototypes being ready.

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Can I test too? :open_mouth:

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Testers are already set. Sorry. :confused:

I’ve got a greenish photo I can share though.


Oh. ??? :-\


yay! A week away! Which means 5 months or so till I get to test the prototype!

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This made me laugh so hard. ;D Thank you. :slight_smile:

It won’t be five months. :smiley: I promise. :wink:


The wait for prototypes is so underestimated, I am having to wait 3 weeks for mine.

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What do you all think of this colorway? It’s experimental, and only two were made as proof of concept.

I call it Hawaiian Honeydew. Named after my favorite sno-cone.


I feel like it might wear differently than other anodized yoyos, does it feel weird on your hand?

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It feels great in the hand. Very smooth. The splash isn’t raised or feel-able.

Being dual-finish only should affect grinds.

(angryskills) #534

It looks really AWESOME!

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i want one of those… amplified you wouldnt mind shipping one my way for a bit would ya… hint hint

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The other one is already taken… And mine doesn’t leave my hand. :smiley:

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So when were testers decided on? I remember asking for it before it was even the Ovation. You can tell me frankly, I don’t really mind if you just say something like “I don’t even know you/your skills” or “You’re not good enough”. Pretty bummed though


woo! 4 months!!

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Most were decided on and confirmed about a month before nationals. The core of the group being comprised of people that tested the Shout. One spot was taken by a person I met at nationals. The last spot was filled on Oct. 3rd. Having a long list of people to ship prototypes to, coupled with the pace at which my machinist can churn out runs, can really slow the release process down. I have a date I want to reach. I have to plan accordingly. Loosing time during testing isn’t part of that plan. It’s not about you, your skills, or the fact that I don’t know you. Deadlines must be met. It’s extremely cut and dry.

There will be other opportunities in the future. The Ovation isn’t the last ART throw in the pipeline.