Amazon reviews


has anyone ever bought an unresponsive yo yo off of amazon or a similar website if you look at the reviews people say it doesn’t work or the string broke the first day i wish i could tell them


I’ve read some of those reviews. What I can conclude is that there are as many trolls and idiots on Amazon as there are on youtube.



I’ve read those reviews before. I thought they were hilarious.

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Same with another more beginner yoyo sight.

“This yoyo is worthless. Didn’t come up the first day I bought it. Good for tricks though but once it dies I’m forced to wind it up by hand.”

(A YYF Northstar).

I mean really…


Some people make careers out of making funny/ridiculous comments on Facebook, YouTube and Amazon.


The product reviews on Amazon for most anything are generally a hoot. Most people who slam a product either haven’t a clue how it’s supposed to work (haven’t read the directions) or have unrealistic expectations (haven’t read the specs).


Real review I saw for the DM2: Spins real good, but doesn’t come back even when you tug real hard.


Look up a diamond hdmi cable, the reviews are hilarious.

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Found one that said, “It is good and I love the paint job.”

Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this to make fun though…


Thank you for making my night xD


hmm okay ill try it


Haha. Funny stuff!


search “Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz” on amazon and you’ll never be disappointed


I was laughing so hard at one. The guy said, I threw it down but it wouldn’t come back up, then, I took the piece out, and now all it does is come back. I assume that he removed the bearing.


Here’s a review of the DV888…

"I bought this yoyo 2 weeks ago. I dreamed of becoming a YoYo superstar, leaving my wife and touring the world showing my sick string skills. Instead this yoyo has ruined all those dreams and left me with nothing but a bad case of PTSD.

All I see now is the yoyo spinning forever, never coming back up. I tried using superglue to help with this but that ended up gluing my thumb to the metal bit. I tried using different kinds of string, including one made out of pig intestines but it didn’t help and made the whole thing stink of bacon.

My friend Chris came over and fixed it, but I think he actually just ordered a different yoyo and secret replaced it."


Reading the Diamond cable comments, this one had me rolling:

"This a wonderful cable, I must admit. My pixels are now perfectly square, and the color range is phenomenal, extending both into the infra-red and ultraviolet. This is a little disconcerting at first, since there seem to be an inordinate number of gibbering, drooling hell-born nightmares that inhabit the edges of the visible spectrum. However, I was able to successfully cleanse my living room with a Zima, a pinch of turmeric and a copy of ‘Twilight: New Moon’.

It seems that I did make a nearly fatal mistake, however. So enamored with this cable was I that I purchased a second for my bedroom TV. In the course of events, which need not be described here, I carelessly coupled the two cables to each other, a la the ouroboros. There was a blinding flash of light, and when my vision returned, it seemed that I had inadvertently opened a portal to 1961. Not wanting to waste an opportunity, I leaped into the portal. The journey itself was not unpleasant, although I did have to share my wormhole with a very sheepish looking Barack Obama, who apparently had some business to attend to in 1961 that seemed to involve some sort of typed document.

On arriving in Vermont in 1961, I sought out a drugstore to experience real sugar Coca-Cola for myself. The drink was quite refreshing, I must say. In any event, I chanced to meet in said drugstore a sweet young girl who seemed to be quite taken with me. Over the course of the evening we became more friendly, and one thing led to another until carnal events transpired. Upon waking up the following morning, I informed my new paramour that I needed to return to my own home. She was quite inconsolable, and insisted that she would wait for my return, refusing all suitors until that time.

Having thus somewhat disentangled myself from the generous lady, I returned home and broke the circuit. It was only in the following days that I realized why the girl had seemed so familiar. I can no longer look my mother in the face, and I now also have to deal with sudden disappearance of my father, who, according to my mother, left for parts unknown before I was born.

Aside from that minor mishap, there seem to be no other serious repercussions, aside from the fact that all human males now seem to possess only one penis. It has made my love-life somewhat difficult, as you can imagine."


The sad part is people try all this crazy stuff but they don’t try googling ‘yoyo won’t come back’.