am i throwing wrong?

so, i bought a cheap yoyo to start out recently, just learning the basics and stuff with it and practicing those on a yoyo that wouldnt matter if it got damage (its a FAST 201)

but anyway, it seems that every time i throw the yoyo it loosens, do you think im just throwing it wong or could it be a problem with the yoyo? it even seems to loosen when i have it tightened all the way

extra information: im right handed but im more comfortable playing using my left hand to throw, im not sure if that could be causing it but id never know

Though i never heard of a throw can cause a yoyo to get loosen, it might possible.
but i think its more to the yoyo then to you.
is the yoyo has vibe in any way?

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I believe the FAST 201 has an adjustable gap, so even if you think it’s tight, it may not be.

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i think i figured out what did it, i think when i was winding up my yoyo after not getting it to return correctly, as i got to the last few inches, rather than move the string i spin the yoyo between my thumb and index finger, and i think the motion i was doing was making the yoyo loosen slightly each time, making it so once i did my next throw it would loosen more and not work quite right

thanks for everyone’s input 8)

Ehhh, yes it is. Has happened to me a few times. It’s not really the throw as it is the torque generated by the return. The string winding up can generate a lot of force on the shell to cause it to loosen. On the next throw it all comes apart, usually as the yoyo hits the end of the string.

I don’t have a fast 201 but I have used a friend’s several times and I noticed something similar.
I saw in one of the vids from Andre that Loc-tite would help, but I have not tried it myself.

Yes, Loc-tite will do the trick. The light duty one is all you need.

is loc-tite an “adhesive” for the bolt in the yo-yo, to prevent it from slipping out when its not supposed to?

Its kinda like white, thin selotape thingy. They dont have adhesive. What they do is make less tolerance between threads.
like bolt and nuts.
It’s not only for yoyo, it’s more to home apliances thingy.
i hope i can explain with pictures.

Try asking for lock tite, or teflon tape to hardware store.
You might find it there.

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Yes. Comes in 3 grades, light, medium and heavy duty. You want the light.
Available at hardware stores and auto parts stores.

You can substitute with a very small drop of super glue.

The teflon tape Kristiawan mentions will work, but not as well.