Am I the only one who doesnt like Kitty?

Kitty is decent string, not my favorite, but, a serviceable string. My biggest complaint is it starts off feeling a bit rough on my hands. Maybe my hands just need to toughen up a bit…

Try the kitty 1.5, half poly/half nylon. A little bigger than normal, slightly smaller than fat, last a bit longer than plain poly too and is good for whips.

Just thought I would mention this: the most unique strings I’ve tried are cloud, Angel hair and boss m30 strings. All of them are fun, just not what I personally want to use all the time.

Recently I have gone through my 1.5’s like crazy! I’m going to make a big list of strings and just buy them all to try :wink:


No, i call it shady cause of the sheer numbers being produced. I dont think there is an army of people winding string for Kitty. I could be wrong, but im gonna say they are machine made, cause If i “hand made” 100 strings, theres no way that Id sell it for so cheap based on time alone, let alone overhead, material costs, and how much moeny i COULD have made taking those hours and hours doing something else. the math just doesnt add up.

I like string in general. String is good.


/nods in agreement :slight_smile:

I dont like kitty much either, but it’s good enough, so…

I use Kitty String; Nylon 1.5, Normal, or Fat typically. I like how they play and they’re not too expensive so it works for me. I am curious where it says handmade though, I don’t see anything on the packaging or website that says handmade.

And when does a string stop being handmade? If I build a rig that can spin 10 strings at a time is it still handmade? 20 at a time? 30 at a time? If you have such high demand for your string then wouldn’t you want to build a machine to produce enough to meet demand?

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Its listed as “hand made” in a couple places, but looks like not on their official website. Here is a snippet from yoyorewind’s website also lists Kitty as

You can see how this was being perpetuated, right?
And goes on to confirm my suspicion that is is not even close to being “hand made” on thier own website.

And while this isnt AS blatant as the handmade claim but other sites. You can see how this (false) idea is being perpetuated, right?

A string is no longer handmade when a machine measures, cuts, twists, folds, and ties your strings for you. To say something like that is handmade is a lie. period.
But it looks like the lie is being perpetuated by other websites. So of course people are gonna read that (like I did) can call BS. Maybe Kitty should address these false claims cause that is enough reasons to put people off from buying them, if lies are detected in the item description.

Also, i know tons of people love these strings. CLYW touts their greatness as well, and Im just over here like… ummm, no? I should not have to carry a giant ball of strings to play over a heavy weekend or trip. One or two strings should be enough, not a couple dozen.

I’ve recently started using kitty nylon (1.5 and fat) and to me, I like it a lot. Didn’t want to post in here till I had a week of use on em. Poly kitty is okay. I’ve used worse and I’ve used better. Nylon definitely seems to last longer. Days not hours. I’ve used cheap string, expensive string, and made my own. Cost vs. what I’m wanting, nylons seem good. Plus some of the other strings mentioned always seem to be out of stock. So availability becomes a issue as well. Guess I’m just cool with middle of the road. But also that is where my skill level is too.

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TL;DR: No.

We the people who have read this thread, have a firm understanding that you dislike the product. We read the title. We read your opening post. And if all of “we” didn’t, here’s a snippet:

We get all of that. We really do. People have given their opinions. Some love Kitty String, some don’t. Personally, I dig string in general.

At some point you gotta let that horse breathe a little. Just a bit.

In the quote you listed from from Hiro’s website, it lists a specific year in which that “factory” was established: 2010. Seeing a year attached to the quote made me want do a bit of research.

I first went to Hiro’s website to find the quote you referenced. I found it. I also found this:

screenshot from kittystring website

That is located right above the “2010” quote. I’m sure you saw it. I know I did. I pressed on.

I found this:

Hmmm… Looks like Hiro’s strings at one point were homemade, and he was the one making them. Which I think is a better word than handmade for describing string making. Rigs are often used that can spin multiple strings at once. I’m not sure people can actually do that with just their hands.

Now I’m not the most cerebral guy, but occasionally I process information.

*The strings aren’t listed as handmade on the official website.
*Most retailers don’t use the word “handmade” to describe Hiro’s string.
*Kitty String was established in 2007.
*Hiro made the string in his home.
*Kitty String was “handmade/homemade” at one point.
*A factory has been used since 2010.
*Two retailers list Hiro’s string as handmade.
*It is 2016.

I must infer that those quoted stores haven’t updated their product descriptions. Nothing shady. But it does bring this question to mind.

Is Hiro to be held accountable for the practices of businesses he doesn’t run? No.

I guess there’s nothing to see here. No controversy. You can take that off your list of grievances.

I’m not going to question your motivations, but I found this info in less than an hour of searching. When you accuse someone of purposely misleading consumers, It’s usually a good thing to know what you’re talking about. Before you poke out your chest, loosen your bra.

We should be thankful that there are so many yoyo string companies for this exact reason you don’t need to post saying you dont like it you can just not buy it again but that’s just me :grinning::+1: personality I love :cat: kitty

Ok. I read something and thought it was true since I read it in a few places. MY BAD! I posted above that on their official site it answers that and clears it up. Sorry!!

golly. the logic train I was on has derailed. Read something, figure out mentally that could not be true, ask others, I find out otherwise and post on it. Man i sure am crazy.

read my last post again, and see its not an attack, rather clarification, but take it how you want. i dont really care anymore. Just know my “accusations” were more like questions.

/shakes head. :-X

This isnt about what I think of the product, its about what you think of it since I seem to be the bad guy here in this conversation, Im asking what you all like about it since everyone is so keen on it, i just dont get it.

Maybe it would be of benifit to send an email to those websites to ask for an update. I know its not a big deal. Im not trying to pick problems, just reports of what ive found. When i was early shopping for yoyo stuff I read this and never thought to question it. Again, sorry for appearing to be so … i dont know the word. im just gonna stop now.

You know it’s bad when you start misrepresenting your own statements.

I didn’t want to question your motivations, but I will. I have a very low tolerance for bull.

You took a quote out of context to prove that “shady marketing” was somehow being used. Why leave out key facts if all you’re interested in is the truth? If you wanted to clear something up, why ask this question:

Seems to me like you’re asking for input. I’m sorry my post wasn’t what you were looking for. I apologize for not stepping aboard your “logic train” and echoing your opinion. I beg pardon for giving people a fuller depiction of reality. I ask forgiveness for not jumping on your bandwagon and accusing Hiro and others of lying to sell a product.

If you can slander a respected community member/business person and sleep well, more power to you.

Just please let that horse breathe.


You were up early shopping and just didn’t give it a second thought??? lol. I guess finding quotes from random yoyo retailers and searching Kitty String’s “About US” page were your third and fourth thoughts.

And yes it’d be great if you’d email those stores and tell them about their errors. That is far more helpful than publicly questioning their integrity on a forum they don’t participate on.

I like Kitty String, and I agree with Amplified, string is string for the most part. I found Kitty String at a reasonable price, in the quantity and color that I prefer. So, I’m satisfied with the string, and really don’t look for others. I also enjoy YYSL Type X, and others, but I tried Kitty in the beginning and stuck with it ever since.

Dressing my yo-yos in black normal Kitty makes a nice photo too. ;D by Total Artist, on Flickr by Total Artist, on Flickr by Total Artist, on Flickr

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I’m with you on Kitty String. I like it for about 30 min, and then it gets all limp to where I just can’t use it. Blueprint String seems to last about twice as long, so that’s what I primarily use unless I get ambitious and make my own string.

What share of the string market does Kitty hold right now? I noticed that all other string is compared to Kitty, not just in this thread, but in general. Kitty is moving that string and got people in here hating. I can understand not liking something, but to the extent where it got it’s own topic on the forum kinda surprised me a bit. ::slight_smile:

Speaking of Kitty, I need to re-up. Just keep that black normal 100 count in stock for TA. 8)

I’m sorry but until he starts using real kitty’s in the manufacturer process I’m not buying.


OK, you need to re-read what was there and pay close attention to punctuation. The “shady marketing” that your wanting to pick at has a question mark, ASKING A QUESTION, not implying this was truth. Back up and check yourself.

I did not accuse him of deliberate misleading. I dont even know who that dude is. I just know that in the past, when I got into yoyoin a year and a half ago, I read this, I didnt wake up early in the morning, it was early in my yoyo career. Please read what I wrote before launching this at me. Your not following what im am saying at all, projecting what you think i am saying, then returning the volley without understating what it is that your sending back at me.

I do not want you to echo my sentiment. I wanted to know why people love it so often cause anytime i bring it up, i usually get attacked, both here and reddit.

Im not looking to get people to hate anything, Im not trying to sway crap! I was mislead by a retailer that i didnt know was false until today. so please BACK UP OFF ME! my **** bad!

ok. enough. im out. you want to misconstrue my words and intention, thats fine. Ill be the enemy, but my intentions are good, regardless of what you all think.

Its not slander. its questions about misrepresented product that I found a long time ago and didnt think to question until after this thread had been posted. Then I looked it up, and posted the clarifacation, that apperently reads that I am trying to mess it up.

im so frustrated right now, i cant even type straight. today has been super jacked up. i quit.