Am I not tall enough to yo-yo past a certain level of tricks?


Word word thank you!

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Not really ‘supposed’ to be anything, it’s a kid… being a kid…
But you making fun of him certainly makes you seem cool…


All right everyone take a chill pill :pill:

Kids can be goofy that is like their job to be goofy. THEY ARE PROFESSIONALS PEOPLE

You have the rest of your life to be a plain old boring grown up


Back in the good ole days; someone asked President Abraham Lincoln how long a mans legs should be!

He thought for a minute and responded, ‘Just long enough to reach the ground🤓

I think possible limitations to faster trick skills would be more apparent with front style yoyo tricks. The longer your string and the shorter you are; the tougher it is to stay off the ground. Unless you don’t get tired of holding your throw hand to high that you can receive cable channels😳… that can be tiring. And front style tricks, with shorter arms and longer strings; is a Great to smack yourself in the face a little too often.(not a confidence builder.

Side style tricks have the advantage of using a longer sweeping stroke. This allows shorter players to more easily adjust the proximity of the yoyo(distance) to the ground.

For shorter players using longer strings than waist level; I would suggest spending more time learning side style tricks. As you make progress doing side style; you will have more enthusiasm to spend some time on front style.

Dedicate the mentality of using two different string lengths. Longer for side style and shorter for front style. Eventually as you advance; you can calculate a single string length that would be more versatile.

Just because some guys are seen using string long enough to go fishing; does not mean that will work for you.

And don’t stay stuck on something. If a trick is killing you because your friend can do it with a 12 foot string; you are wasting brainpower. Move to another trick… Keep frustration down. Your mind will replay the tough tricks over and over. Come back to it in a few days and try it again.

To be continued…

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I am 4”7 and i use 2 inches above belly button or abdomen height. I guess height wont matter TOO much.

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I’m tall and often hit my head on the ceiling when yoyoing. To remedy this I’m going to shorten the legs of the table I’m standing on. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll send you the spare material and maybe you can build your own table.


Those were gems, thank you!


Amazing that you say that. Why just the other day I fell asleep. When I woke up I thought a miracle had occurred. I looked down at my shoes and noticed my feet would not even touching the floor. I thought I was floating. Emergency averted though. I realized I was just sitting on a barstool.


Yup, and it is my duty to call him out on it :stuck_out_tongue:

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@lordgreanbean on instagram uses a really long string.

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stand on a stool, the chair I guess you will get the required height. I just want to help. but do it with precautions so that you don’t fall off. And how old are you?


I’m 6’ 4" so I don’t understand being short

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and it is my duty to sponsor him :smiley:


Nice try with the OP, lol, but the answer as youve seen is no.
Its common for kids to come on this site and look for ways to , jump, the learning curve so to speak, but you simply cannot.
You need to practice, and stop worrying about the yoyo string being too short, or too long, buy a couple paks of kitty strings(or whatever brand floats your boat) and stop thinking about string being a MAJOR factor. It isnt.
Ive seen guys with long strings shred, seen guys with super short strings shred, the point is they BOTH practiced a long time.
Yoyo comes very naturally to some, like Olly above, but some of us have to practice a move for years before we master it.
its all good.
Simply put IMHO, there are no short cuts, no super trick bearings, strings or yoyo that will make you better than you are.
just keep working at it, remember to have fun, and keep it light, this is yoyo, it should stay fun. frustrated, put it down for a day or two, come back when you feel it.


I think you have me confused for someone else.

If a person was X height then naturally they would have a cap of X string length.

If a trick, let’s say a triple or nothing requires a minimum string length of X then that person’s height of X is an obvious disadvantage in some cases while in other cases an outright limiting factor.

Now, while I have learned through peoples comments my particular height isn’t so bad in this case. Suppose I was 4’ tall or something instead, then some tricks requiring a longer string length would be an impossibility.

This has nothing to do with finding a short cut.

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I think the string length cap is higher than people imagine.


I don’t think he was trying to find a shortcut, he just wanted clarification.

With that said… Once again, height REALLY doesn’t matter. Whether you’re 5 feet, 4 feet, whatever. If you’re so short that it’s actualy a hindrance, you’re probably too young to even throw a yoyo properly anyway(or talk for that matter)

This kid is 6. I believe he was 5 when he started blowing up. Might even be shorter than 4 feet.


Well here’s the thing, you may have to adapt to new challenges presented to you by height and string length but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be outright impossible. And there are so many variables and factors involved it’s really hard to say X amount of length equals impossible unless it’s something ridiculously obvious like 10 inches of string.

With people there are so many variables to how we’re built, even a person the same height may have wider or narrower shoulders, longer or shorter arms, hands and fingers, you can have shorter legs and be taller in the torso or vice versa. SOOO it’d be pretty difficult for anyone that’s not YOU to pin down some exact length that would make a certain trick impossible to perform. The only way to find that out would be to try it yourself and see if you hit that wall, and then once you do see what you can do to work around it, chances are you’ll have at least some options, not saying there won’t be disadvantages cause there are advantages and disadvantages to just about everything including height.

Lastly this might sound corny or cliche and I’ve been guilty of thinking this way myself in the past, just try not to worry too much about what limitations you may or may not run into until you’re actually there cause sometimes we end up with self imposed limitations and those can be the hardest to overcome, have fun learning, peace!:v:


Thank you!


Thank you Andy569!