Am I not tall enough to yo-yo past a certain level of tricks?


So here’s what’s been on my mind as of late.

I am 5’2” and noticed that even when I cut the string past my navel (as much as 4”-6”) the string still tends to be on the shorter side for certain tricks like slacks.

I am concerned that due to my physical limitation in regards to my height that I will only be able to do certain tricks and miss out on elaborate tech tricks and the like.

Do any of you know any throwers who are my height or shorter that overcame this and was still able to do the wide plethora of tricks?

Your thoughts and ideas are much appreciated.

Thank you.


I’m 5’4”. I just lift my throwing hand higher when I throw.

Initially, I babied all my throws and cut my string at about navel and as I got more comfortable and my throws became more of beaters, I increased string length.


That’s a good lead thank you.

With that being said so I have a mental image. What are some of the more complex tricks that you can do now that you were previously not able to when you babied your throws (I too baby mine lol).

(Evan Landreneau) #4

I’m the same height as you are. I just get a longer string and I got used to holding my hand higher.


Height definitely shouldn’t be an issue. If you need to, you can get used to using a longer string. Many people use string at chest length and some people use string up to or past their neck. There’s really no need for a ridiculously long string anyway.

(Tyler) #6

Doesn’t seem to stop Ollie from shredding - just gotta practice, you’ll get there!


Word? You’ve seen neck height? That’s dope!


Dang Ollie’s got skillz! How tall is Ollie out of curiousity?


I’m fairly new and don’t know a lot of trick names, but the most “complex” would probably a suicide catch from a 1.5 looped on throw hand finger. That might be my most technical. Hahaha.

Edit; I’m rubbish.


Yeah I’m new myself I just started a month ago. That sounds like a cool trick lol.

(ChrisFrancz) #11

Okay, that kid just threw shade on a large number of people here. Or maybe just me.


Do you have any names of throwers who go neck height etc? So I can see it in action.


Those moves he did at the end was still the cringiest thing ive seen in 2019 though.


Look at Harrison lee when he was real young. He was super short and used a super long string. You just need practice:)


Yeah if you just started a month ago you got a long way to go before you should be worrying about string length. Even once you’re really good it only really matters if you’re doing extremely intricate tricks.

I’m not as good as Ollie but I’m 5’5 and actually use string an inch BELOW belly button length. I’m not a very slacky player though and my tricks aren’t that intricate.


I understand that I have a way to go before string length should be of any real concern. I just like to anticipate certain stumbling blocks ahead of time (it’s a strength and a weakness lol).


Will do, thank you! :slight_smile:

(Tyler) #18

Not too sure, though I did see him at Ohio States and would guess he’s 5feet or shorter

A 20-something doing that? Yeah, a little “cringey.” But he’s just a kid…


So is it supposed to be cute? I’m still calling cringe, sorry.

(ZAC) #20

I’m only 5ft6. I use a string about nipple range. I’m not super skilled but I haven’t come across any limitations on learning tricks. I tend to do break aways slightly to the side and usually start with a double or nothing to shorten it up.