Am I doing Brent Stole Right?

I’ve been practicing Brent Stole off and on for a time now and the last cpl days I’ve been landing it. Well I’ve been landing it maybe 3 out 10 and my arm get sore am I doing it right or does my arm need to get used to throwing it?

Well every movement you do repetively will make that part of the body tired or sore. Yoyoing, makes my arm sore because of the throwing. Running can make your legs sore etc.

As long as you match the Brent Stole are doing to the videos of correct brent stoles, you’re fine.

it is called BRENT not BRETT dont insult him :wink:

Hahaha, it’s Brent not Brett.

And 1slave25, I don’t think he did that on purpose.

I thought we went over this skeletonboy333 in popdadas topic. the wink was means to say: ALERT! ALERT! SARCASM HERE! SARCASM HERE!!! DONT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!

Oh, I’m not used to that. Hahaha.

I didn’t realize a misspelled word would effect what I might be doing wrong or any tips, so I figured if I correct my mistake I might get help or tips. Sorry lil guy. 33 and I’m getting spelling lessons from a lil dude lol. bet you get good grades in school huh 1slave25. Thanks for the Correction Professor 1slave25. Correct me if I’m wrong 1slave25 I held off doing the Brent Stole for a day or 2 and now my arm is better, lol time for more practicing lol. hey just picking on you 1slave and hey keep up the tutorials, shows your enjoying what your doing as well as doing something positive. good job

YAY! its fixed :smiley:

okay, seriously though, work on your hidemassa. when doing brent, it helps when your whipping to do a ninja vanish motion with your NTH pointer and moving your TH forward. Also, if you havnt, learn trapeze triangle slack

wel if you constitnly keep whipping the string your arm wil get tired. This happens all the time with whip that your trying to learn so once you land it alot more this shouldnt be a problem. Ive also noticed that once you learn a certain whip and you can do it almost all the time, you might not need as much of a whip motion to land it :slight_smile: im learning brent stole too and i can land it just as often as you but after a lot of practice ill be able to get it more often.

I to am the same way and land more when I practice although the other night I practiced it so much by the last one the string felt like it weighed 100 lbs, lol That’s when it’s time to I get so Exhausted Sometimes. lol I love these smileys their so addicting.

Sure smiley’s are addicting. And very annoying.

My bad Sorry you aah… Wait is that huh, it is a smiley lol j/k.

UPDATE: I Figured out my Sore Arm Problem. Well I had Bought some of the Bulk Basic Orange 100% Poly and it’s Lite and Floaty, So I was using more strength to whip it with little effect. Well I had been Experimenting with Making my Own String and Just hadn’t done it in awhile and decided to make a String Run and make some new batches of some New Stuff I Found and it is Super Whippy, Nice Bounce, and Tight Binds. Needless to say I Threw one on my G5 and 1st 3 Tries of the Brent Stole I actually Landed and get this, get this…wait for it… I Landed a Hidemasa on the 2nd try, I was So Stoked. LOL my 3 yr old nephew was watching and when I landed and got excited I st-ar-ted Da-nc-ing There Take That Bam Bang Boom ugh… LoL. My Nephew started laughing and dancing to lol it was so funny, I was excited. Now I know what ting I’m using (MINE) lol. I Think I need to make some and send some to different people to get some reviews and some tips. 100% Handmade Baby, lol in Vermont Like our Ben N Jerry’s and Maple Syrup mmm mm mm Good lol.

Yeah, smileys are catchy. Just like the Bubonic Plague :stuck_out_tongue:

That is Soooo True LoL