All yoyo players

I dont know where to post this but We really need your help.

My dear friend Philippine yoyo champion  Robert Tamayo is in need of our prayers. He will undergo a surgery this week. To all yoyo players around the world let us unite and pray for his recovery. Thank you!

Thanks for sharing, our prayers go out to him :wink:

He is in our prayers and I know everything will go fine with the surgery. Good luck, he’ll be up and throwing in no time! :slight_smile:

No better day than Ash Wednesday. I’ll be at church today to get my ashes and I’ll keep him in my prayers for sure.

My prayers are with him. What happened? Will it end his yoyoing career?

He was diagnose with tb meningitis and his brain got infected.
Thank you guys for your prayers and support!

Best of luck. He will do great, trust us. In our thoughts.

I wish him well.