All you "xx" people... what gives?

Is it just me or is there a sudden influx of people with “xX” or “xx” before and after the “main” part of their name?

Where does this come from? Is it an interwebs thing that I haven’t heard of before? Do I need to become xXGregPXx?

Enquiring minds want to know!

It is from gamertags, the original name you wanted it take it replace it with xX—Xx and your good, it is kinda of like the 1337 thing, something that distinguished there selves as a kid

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Having “X’s” in your name originated from the hardcore music scene. It stood for “Straight Edge”, which refers to staying sober. Straight Edge Hardcore bands would play brutal music, but would not partake in drugs or alcohol after a show.

The term came from the black “X” that would be drawn on your hand with a marker at a rock concert if you were under 21. This was to let the bartender know not to serve you alcohol.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but this is what I can remember.

I think it is from the gamertags and stuff

I know all about straightedge. All y’all whippersnappers have kept up with it, though, it seems, which is cool.

I don’t think that relates to this naming convention, though. The gamertags thing seems a bit more reasonable of an explanation.

Well it’s been popular before Xbox Live was around but yeah it’s a common thing to do if your name is taken.

I’ve been straight edge for 7 years this summer. anyways I am pretty sure it’s just a way to get the name you want. like if “name” was given you could do “xxnamexx” but if it was edge it’d just be one x on both sides usually.

There is probably a handful of those that just thought it was cool…

But why now? Why all of a sudden?

(I’m pretty sure there are only two new ones… I tend to exaggerate sometimes… :wink: )