all rounder yoyo?

i need recommendations…

From what I know, there is no yoyo that can play equally well in all categories of yoyoing. Loopers are probably not good sleepers, and vice versa.

Do you mean a yoyo that can play 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A?

Any 1A yoyo can play 5A. Should also be able to do 3A although for 3A you need 2 yoyo’s. If you got the braveness, you can try it on 4A, if you got the skill risking that it’s not an offstring yoyo.

But for 2A though, not sure, but you can loop a responsive yoyo.

Like the Peter Fish Luminator could do all styles but it isn’t as good in tricks though.

you wont be able to find a advanced yoyo that plays advanced in all styles of play. no matter what you buy it will lack skill in another category.

i dont know about the A’s…so wat might be the best option for the intermediate level??

For what?! 1A?

I would highly recommend a Raptor because it is very smooth, almost vibeless, has 2 removable caps for different weight, feel, play, 2 extra sets of response pads (3 in total), comes in many colors, has 2 nice laser engravings on each side, and is very smooth/grindable.

People may advise the Dv888 as that is not a bad option but people claimed that the Raptor is smoother.

Raptor is the way to go, can play very well and can go up to any trick. Can play up to $100 yoyo’s so don’t worry on that.

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i would pick a raptor over a dv888 any day… but maybey you want the new blitzfire from that shen zhou guy. im getting mine in like 4 days i cant wait. it has a beadblasted finish with absolutely no imperfections, 10 ball concave bearing, great rim weight and machined on hubstack posts with hubstacks for 45 bucks.

cool!! ;D

If you are doing the intermediate tricks here, then that’s 1 A. 2 A is looping yoyos. 3 A is 2 1A yoyos. 4 A offstring. 5 A is counterweight. Raptor is a very good yoyo for 1 A. I’m not sure about anything else, but pretty much each yoyo is only REALLY good in one catagory. Also pretty much any yoyo here for 1 A, (sometimes called butterfly yoyo) are good for 1 A beginner-intermediate. The soonest I’d get the raptor is in advanced.

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I’d get a dv888 over the raptor anyday

both are good performers, both are cheap, but if you want a raptor (spec wise) that plays better and cost less, just get an auldey (or aoda, can’t remember) firefox, outplays the raptor by far.

Get the Lyn Fury or the Kickside. For intermediate level, you are better off not getting a metal yet, in case you might ding it.

i own an auldey already… :slight_smile: but i smacked it really hard on the floor…so unfortunately it cracked :-[
it was an amazing one for its cost though :smiley:

okay!..if u wer to pick one…wich of these will u??

  1. lyn fury
  2. kickside
  3. velocity

none of these ones, for the same price you can get MUCH better and metal

i c…like which ones?

what metal yoyo can you get for 15 to 19 bucks??

Pocket Pros Zombie. Aoda Sunshine. Asian Bootlegs… Theres alot dude…

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Aoda is a great yoyo for play.

but the yoyoexpert doesn’t hav aoda in the shop list rite?

Hey, yoyosky, I sent you a PM.