Mid-level comparison to end all.

Alrighty So I’m new to the site, so hello everyone!

Lets do this Mid-level yo-yo comparison Right.

Yo-Yo’s that should be included:
Duncan Metal Drifter
Duncan Raptor
YYJ Dark Magic
YYF Northstar
YYF Photostar
YYF Grind Machine
YYJ Hitman \ Pro
So basically anything between 25 and 50 or so bucks.

Now things that you must have in your post

How Smooth is it on the string?
How Smooth is it for grinds?
How is the balance?
How long can you get it to sleep for? (Yes i know everyone will be different but you can get an Average.)
How floaty dose it feel?
Is it durable?
How good is the friction pads response?
How fast do they break down?
Do you like the barring?
Is there a lot of maintenance?
What is your overall view of the Yo-Yo? Ended with a # out of 10 rating.

Things like this should help stop so many of the Yoyo #1 vs Yoyo #2 threads.

Please if you are adding to this please answer as many of those questions Plus anymore you see fit.

If you Own one or more of these Yoyo’s then then at the end do something like so

Yoyo 1 < Yoyo 2 < Yoyo 3. Yoyo 3 being the best.

Keep it on topic people.
No “THIS YOYO IS AWESOME!!!” lines please. Its just dumb.

Thanks Everyone!

Duncan Raptor: The raptor is not dead smooth on the string. It although is smooth for grinds. This yoyo is also for INTERMEDIATE to advanced play. I’d say 7 because it’s not that smooth on string.

Dark Magic 2: Hmmmm… This yoyo can do nothing but sleeper and trapeze with the TRAINING bearing. But with the high speed bearing, it can be unresponsive and can handle tricks like spirit bomb or other expert under level tricks. BUT it may do A LITTLE master level tricks. As you see, it’s one of the most popular for arm grinds and thumb grinds. Not too good for finger grinds though. As for the balance, not sure, but if you mean vibe/wobble, it does have little to medium vibe. Sometimes. Floatiness would be pretty floaty. It’s a tad lighter than the dark magic 1 so you can swing it around IN SPEED all day long and never get tired. With Speed Bearing, a 8.5 because not good for finger grinds only and may have vibe.

Dv888: This a fundametal yoyo but don’t look down on it because of the price. Super smooth and great on all grinds. Not sure of others. It’s also for more advanced to better play. No need judging, 9.5. Could’ve been a 10 but it lacks look. If you don’t care on looks, I give it a 9.99. Cause nothing is perfect.

Northstar: This yoyo is assumed to be cool and it is. It comes with a concave bearing, It uses k-pads so it may be not 100% perfect with replacing with flowable silicone. Pretty smooth on string, not the best, but very smooth. For grinding, this would be one of my LAST choices. Totally not suitable for thumb grinds. Not good for any grind types. Yes, outa box, this thing is like beast and may spin for minutes like 4. But here is the failure thing, if you just make the gap a millimeter wider, it will have ULTRA VIBE!! It is okay floaty like others, the weight ring helps the most and the concave bearing. Okay durable, not too sure. If you crank it normally, I’d give it a 7.5 because the lack of ALL grinds.

Protostar: Should be almost excatly the same to northstar. 7.5

Metal Dirfter: A very cheap budget yoyo, which really plays for it’s price. When I say it “play’s for it’s price”, I mean that it plays like a $20 yoyo. It is a tad responsive and uses friction stickers or pads. It can’t handle that many tricks. I mean like any advanced to expert tricks. Most advanced tricks, nonono on this yoyo.

Metal Drifter<Dark Magic 2<Northstar and Protostar<Duncan Raptor<Dv888

I don’t know about others.
And if I got someting that you dont agree, please don’t spamm, insult on say, offensive things.
Thank You and Have a GREAT FUN!!