All Metal YoYos.

(Connor) #1

What would be a good site to get a good all metal yoyo from? I know this site has a meteor and axiom but are there any other all metal yoyos? If so where can i get them for a reasonable price?


(J. Lev) #2

You can pick up an all metal yoyo at pretty much any online retailer. Try these:


also try:


Here are some more

(Connor) #5

Ok, Thanks everyone


for the english:

Dosn’t anybody know that it is rude to advertise diffrent yoyo shops/forums on other forumns?


I don’t think Andre cares in this case because he is looking for other yoyo’s that this shop doesn’t sell. But if I’m wrong, sorry.

I would of posted that site too wilba but he lives in the U.S. so shipping would of been so much more.

(Connor) #8

Thanks everyone. And yes i was looking for a yoyo that this site didnt sell, but i now know that I will get a Axiom for Christmas so i wont be looking around as much. Thanks again it helped!


It is fine to do that on this forum. Thanks for checking though. :wink:


Yo! yoyoexpert, check your pm’s

(J. Lev) #11

Something I really like about forums like these :slight_smile: