all metal yoyo

(cheesewhip09) #1

i was thinkin bout gettin an all metal yoyo, i kinda like the hectic,
is it a good yoyo? how long r its spin times? i was also thinking about
the genesis when it comes bak in stock, i need advice coz i dont
kno much bout all metal yoyos an i dont kno wats good and are
they any better than bi-metal yoyos?, at the moment i hav an x-convict
and its great but i feel like gettin
sumfin a lil new.

(Mitch) #2

HI there…

I gotta start with one thing…

Spintimes depend on alot of things, LIKE

1)Your throw
2)Your throw
3)and your throw…

Like Im sure where I could get 2-3 minutes on a hectic Hans could get 9-10…

And another thing… Im sure that the Hectic can handle what ever you can throw at it…

Sense you like your X-con check the Eneme!


The Hectic is amazing, it’s my favorite yoyo. On a good throw, it will spin for as long as you need it to, just like any modern yoyo out there today. In comparison to other yoyos, it spins ridiculously long for me. I’ve never been patient enough to let it just spin until it dies.

(JonasK) #4

If you want to get something new, just search around until you find a yoyo that really catches your eye.

(cheesewhip09) #5

thanks guys, i was also wanderin, wats better, a
small spec bearing, or are large spec bearing, if small
then i’d get half red half black, if large i would get
half black half purple


Better depends on your preference.

But if you ask, large bearing is what you want. (Quote from Samad…I think…)