All fixed up. Misunderstanding. Mods delete? Thanks

Ok communication Is key to me in any trade. I traded with both zacm17 and YoYoYakuza about 4 days ago. I sent my part out first being very new to the forum this seemed normal. Now I am not accusing either of these guys of anything. They were super nice to me throughout our trades and I don’t suspect I am getting scammed but I haven’t gotten a Pm from either of them sense the 26th. zacm17 told me he would ship next day and that was the last I heard from him. All I want is an answer from them. Going three days without an answer from either of them well in the middle of a trade where I have already sent my part seems pretty Un-professional to me at least. Like I said I am not accusing at all. These guys seemed great to me all I want Is an answer from them. If anyone has there number will you text them and ask them to respond to me at least? thank you!

I know that feel, nothing you can really do unfortunately. I trust Yakuza wouldn’t scam you though.

Zacm17 and I have had a back and forth and he has informed me a family member is ill. I have had three previous transactions and I believe him.

I do too plus he said he shipped today and gave me tracking so I am just looking for an answer from YoYoyakuza!

i just got home, answered you and the saw this. i think you’re jumping the gun a little bit by posting this, brother. at least on my part, i can’t speak for the other guy. like you told me when you shipped two or three days late, “i hope you understand that things sometimes come up in life that you have no control over.” i’m really not even a day late on shipping yet and i assure you that your package will shipped out to you promptly and be in your hands to throw and enjoy! :slight_smile:

Yes it was my mistake and I am sorry I probably did freak out over it a little to fast but the problem wasn’t ever the shipping I knew that you’d ship out to me I just wanted a response to the PM’s I have been sending you. I constantly kept you in the loop everyday when I shipped late you haven’t talked to me in three days. Without telling me when you were planning on shipping. I completely understand though it isn’t a big deal I just didn’t know how to get a hold of you. Sorry for the trouble. Great dude Suoer nice so I apologize this was my bad.

I think we’ll leave it here as a lesson to be learned.

^^ :smiley: