All 7 Of These For A Protostar !

So Auldey regal speed Has some scratches around the rims  and a tiny tiny vibe but nuttin affect play also the bearing is tarnished not rusted wont affect play too at all Awesome 11$ it got a lil Marmotish shape to it I Think

Second yoyo is Fire Diamond (xoudas2 i think knock off) Awesome for both 1A and 4A some scratches and a slight vibe but nothin that affect play tarnished bearing too but AGAIN does no affect play(No friction stickers) will go for 11$

third is the speedly eagle MIB comes with rubber spacers for unresponsive play and a cool tin can its for 100 turkish lira and if u dont believe price is on box which is 70 $ i swear but Offer What U Think Is  Reasonable

Fourth Is a  Chinese Metal Will Go For 7 $ Or Add To A Trade

Fifth Is Another Chinese Metal Also Will Add To A Trade Or For 8 $

Sixth Is A Beginners Yo-Yo Will Add To A Trade Or 5$

Last One Is A Looper Will Go For 6$ Or Add To A Trade

Group Shot

Offer What U Think Is  Reasonable
Will Do All For 1 Yo-Yo


I Want A Protostar :slight_smile:

A Starlite is ok :wink: too