Yoyo's for trade. Need these gone. Please help!

I have a Red Protostar. Bout 8 scuffs (just actually counted), smooth, red sili, center track bearing. Would like aany cheap metal (no Metal Zero), or like any new Yoyojam with solid spin axle (Hitman Pro, Atmosphere, New Breed, etc.).

Next we hace a blue Legacy, with black Sharpie colored on the metal ring. Can ship with caps (but caps are faded) Really beat. Would like a Die-Nasty, Kickside, or Lyn Fury for this.

Modded FHZ by Staten Island Man. Has 1 scuff. Has been sili recessed, satined, slight reshape, and cleaned bearing. Would trade this for a Edge Glow Protostar, PGM, and will trade for Bigyo and Fiesta together. Red sili, but 1 side is messed up.

Don’t be afraid to offer, because the worst I can say is no!

Pics here: http://s976.photobucket.com/albums/ae250/arussell19981201/


Will trade all for a Blue/Black acid wash Electric Daisy and little something. Also will trade all for a Genesis, Yuuksta, or Splash DV888 and little something.

Lowered prices!

Sili’d my yoyos! Bump!


this sucks who would buy from u lol

Why don’t you worry about your own post, which btw has been deleted!

ill take them all jk

Will trade these all for a Blue/Black acid wash Electric Daisy and a Fiesta! Or a Genesis. Yuuksta, or Splash DV888 and little something.

not trying to be a jerk but you should lower your wants to things that people would actually think about.Noone and i mean noone with a brain would do that unless they are a serious modder.Just trying to help a little

Guys, if you have any advice about a b/s/t thread, you should really do that pm, otherwise you’re just hurting the thread.

well i mean, by suggesting things, you are bumping the thread. it helped me to see it.
btw how bout $10 shipped for the protostar?

Any1 with a brain wouldn’t sell a Protostar for $10. BTW I mean everything for those.