Alexis JV: El Ranchero


New video ft. SPYY El Ranchero! :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching! :wink:


Dude that’s sick!
Smooth and fast!
Probably the best yoyo vid I’ve seen today!



Your technical and showmanship skills are amazing. Your style never gets old.




Thanks a lot guys!
I really appreciate that :slight_smile:


Best thing I’ve seen all year.


Yes! HAHA! You’re Back! <3 Swag tricks bro.


Very Slick, SPYY rocks!


Hope I can be this good some day :o

(DOGS) #10

straight up nuts, dude.


Hey Alexis, can you define the play of the Ranchero?
In fact, what is your favorite Spyy?
I am very interested in purchasing either an addiction or a Ranchero.

(Owen) #12

Necro! My fav!


What is a necro?

(Owen) #14

A Necro is a post that Is posted in a certain thread that is old. If you look at the date this thread was originally posted, you will see that it was about 4-5 months ago.

And sorry if I came off harsh in that post, know that I was just being sarcastic.