SPYY Promo


Who is taking advantage of this? I already have an amplifier and an el ranchero on the way! Sorry to post this in the wrong place, but what do you all think of my choices (if you have an opinion on either of those two yoyos)?


I tried both, solid and heavy, not my type; but eh, Alexis J-V competes (or competed) with a ranchero so to each his own.


Amplifier is by all descriptions just a nutty-great competition-style yoyo. But I haven’t played one to say if I like it or not. Certainly the Pro is a “heavy” SPYY and it’s a yoyo I just love. Heavier throws are coming into their own finally (now that the obsession with “float” has died a bit)… too late for the Amplifier to have saved SPYY but just in time for people to get a great deal.

Now the El Ranchero, that’s something special in my opinion. I will never be getting rid of mine, and in fact if anyone has one in Gunmetal Gray that they’re letting go of for a good price, hit me up!

So… for anyone on the fence about EITHER of those yoyos, you can always look at it as the way the ad was presented, or “Finally going to buy that El Ranchero, and I get a free Amplifier!”


That’s the way I looked at it! The special was enough to get me to break my strict “only CLYW and One Drop” Policy.


Meh i wish it was any two SPYYs. I’d probably jump on a Orbitron 5000 and Ranchero, but the Amplifier doesn’t do much for me, especially aesthetically, which imo is what hurt SPYY the most.


I went with an Icy Blue Amplifier and a Ruby Red El Ranchero even though it has ano issues on one half.


I think totally different than others. I think this is one of those deals where, if you have the money to spend, a little time, and even a tiny bit interested in a few of these models, you would be a fool (in my eyes) not to take advantage of this. I look at, not necessarily whether I really want the yo-yo, but whether I think it is a deal that can work for me in the long run.

Scenario #1:

I can buy a $120 yo-yo, and get a $129 yo-yo for free. :-\

Scenario #2:

Buy the deal, and sell any one yo-yo for retail price on BST or Ebay, therefore keeping one Spyy yo-yo that I got for…free. ;D

Scenario #3:

Buy the deal, and sell any one yo-yo for $30 (or whatever) less than retail price, and keep one Spyy that cost me $30 (or whatever). Still a great deal. :slight_smile:

Scenario #4:

Buy the deal, and trade two mint throws, up to a $250 retail value, for one expensive $180 or more throw. Save myself at least $60 or so on the deal. 8)

These possibilities require a little patience, but those who have the money…and some time, why not? A lot of this can work for you, and for some other yo-yo buyer who might have bought a Spyy, but for a lower price.

I don’t know if this is within my budget for yo-yo spending, and due to already owning an El Ranchero, Radian 2, Spyder II and so on…I’m on the fence. When payday comes on Friday, we’ll see what happens. I’d love to take advantage…of course. We’ll see what works out.


Man, I always get colorway remorse. I ordered a Plasma Burn Amplifier, but now I’m thinking I should have gone with the Icy Blue…

On a semi-related note, does anybody know of any reviews for the Amplifier? I couldn’t find any.


I might write one if people want it. Thanks for all the replies everyone! I am pumped now!


I, the people, want it.


I really wasn’t planning to buy anything until Cal States, but the second the sale came up, I just had to take it. Its such a guilty pleasure.


I snagged a Plasma Burn Amplifier and a Midnight Black El Ranchero! So stoked!


I am my mom is using this so I can get my b day present and one for christmas.


I’d be frustrated at my mom lol.

Edit: Frustrated with my mom, but I’m pretty sure I typed mad, maybe I’m going crazy.

(DOGS) #15

I think I heard something similar to this in a lesson about Uncle Jack and a horse.


Yeah… If only the dough would flow… Haha, I’ve gotto save, but I’ve always wanted a SPYY


Glad I saw this thread, I didn’t know about the promotion. What a great deal. Spyy has always been one of my favorite companies, I’m sad to see them go. I picked up an Amplifier, which I have been looking for for months on the BST, and also a Radian Gen 2, which is one of my favorites. I have wanted another one ever since I sold the one I had months ago. It has a spin quality that reminds me of a Peak. At only $60 a throw with free shipping, I would recommend you jump on this if you want a couple amazing playing throws.


Pretty excited about this. I picked up an Amplifier for myself and a Ronin to as an xmas gift for my brother. ;D

Hoping the Amplifier feels H-shape-y. Last I tried a more curved H-shape (Silly Goose), I was less than pleased.


^ Now that’s smart. With Xmas coming, he got a throw for himself, and a free throw for his brother. Or a throw for his brother and a free one for himself…however you want to look at it. I should have added that as scenario #5. A lot of people are smart, because it appears the El Rancheros are sold out. That was definitely one to get. Fortunately, I didn’t want one of those, because I own a few already. You guys took them all. :smiley:

I swear if that blue Amplifier and blue Orbitron are still in stock on Friday…I might bust a move. And…free shipping is still on too. :wink: Depends on what my check looks like this week though. :smiley:


I’d like to get in on this deal. I already have an Amplifier I got back in March(from YYE) and I don’t really need a second, and the other items I either already have(Ronin) or aren’t of enough interest to me.

Gotta think about it. This is a fantastic deal. Maybe I might want an Orbitron…