Alchemy String Mod! In dialogue format!

A typical quote from a yoyoer who has used Alchemy: “Gee whiz. I sure love Alchemy yoyo string, but I do not enjoy how it doesn’t stay on my finger, and cuts up my finger. It slips off a lot and my precious 888 now has so many dings. Cry

Adam: “Fear not young lad! I have devised a way to stop this madness!”

Lad: “Really? How?”

Adam: "Simple! Take one pice of alchemy string, and one piece of polyester string. Cut 3 inches off of the top of both strings (including the loop). Then, tie the short polyester piece onto the large piece of alchemy. Cut off any slack that will get in your way, and there you have it! Alchemy without the hassle!

Lad: “Wow! Thanks Adam! You’re like superman!”

Adam: “No. I’m better than Superman.”


EDIT: This can easily break if you don’t do the knot right.

Coolio :smiley:

Coolness. Wouldn’t that put a knot in the middle of the string though?

Nope. It’s about 3/4 of an inch away from my finger. That’s why you cut it near the top of the string.

Letting it break in has been the answer for me so far.

Sorta of same here.

After it wears out a little, gets a little less slick, Alchemy is my main string right now.

Still a Awesome concept, I never would have though of it.

Or slip knot the slip knot to the string?

Ehh, you’d still have some alchemy in the finger loop.