Alchemy Strings

I usually only purchase anything yoyo related from this site. I understand that for something to be stocked there needs to be enough of a demand for it that YYE isn’t losing money on something. However it recently just came to my attention that only sells Alchemy and they are currently out of stock. This makes it tough on me sometimes when I am trying to get my hands on more of my preferred string considering I am exclusive to YYE except for string because Alchemy is not stocked. Is there anyway that YYE could stock any Alchemy? Not Angel Hair (yuck) but Alchemy Strings, I think a lot of players/members of YYE are missing out on the unique qualities associated with Alchemy String, in fact a lot of people don’t even know about it. I would even be willing to pay a slight increase in premium to help better gauge YYE’s financial return on said product. Just a thought and a request. Thanks for your time :smiley:

…alchemy doesnt exist anymore? o.o

I’m not entirely sure that Alchemy yoyos made that string. I am fairly positive that I last bought my 100 bundle after Alchemy Yoyos was ‘gone’. I could be wrong and I am currently looking around on the net to find out if you are right or not about Alchemy YoYos making that string.

EDIT: Looks like Leo is right :frowning: However, EuroYo still has some in stock. I don’t know if those are leftover stock or if they are still able to order it and get more. In the latter case my suggestion/request still stands.

My dream of trying Alchemy strings have been destroyed. :’( Lol, not really, but ouch, seriously? I was up for getting some too, like majorly.

maybe we can make some Alchemy string. Its strictly Nylon, so i might try it this weekend. Maybe make a small run for you alchemy lovers (:

haha I was thinking of doing the same only I haven’t ever made any string so I dont have a rig yet. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: Let me know how it turns out.

I had a witty comment. But I forgot it. So I’m just typing this in hopes of being able to remember it and coming back here and editing this post. We’ll see.