Help - Alchemy String


I bought some Alchemy string not too long ago, and it blew me away. I love this stuff, it’s great. The problem is… I know of two places that sell this only have pink, purple and yellow available. I have yellow now, and for one reason or another my eyes lose it. I tried going to Alchemy’s website, and it just clicks and fails. Does anyone know where else sells Alchemy string? I need to get back to a neon green.



Does anyone have an answer to my post?

Thanks for trying Samad, but I specifically said I do not want pink, purple, yellow; I want green.

(Jei Cheetah) #3

I looked everywhere on every possible yoyo site, and no website has the green alchemy strings in stock :frowning:

Have you tried asking on the forums though?

I know many people have bought alchemy strings and ended up not liking them, maybe some might just have some laying around they wouldnt mind getting rid of.

Just a suggestion.

Good luck!



Oh yeah! Try some BST’s. I would have never thought of that ;D


Good call, thanks for the suggestion!