Alarm clocks!

(JonasK) #1

I don’t really know why I’m posting this, quess I just felt like doing it. If there’s one thing that has obsessed me for the last three years, it’s alarm clocks.

About three years ago, i moved out on my own. Now I don’t have the safety of my parents waking me up if I ignore my alarm. Over these years, I have gone through insanely many setups. I had a clock-radio to begin with, I found that I couldn’t wake up to radio alone. After some time I went over to the old school wind-up clock, but it didn’t take long before the ticking noise became a problem. For a year or so I stayed on a cell-phone alarm doubled with my clock-radio, but my phone started to act weird and it severly impacted my ability to get up in the morning.

After many attempts, I think I have found the best solution. There are two problems I have with regular alarms. There’s the snooze button which I despise. And then there’s the fact that most alarms are too easy to shut down without being completely awake. I resolved to getting a smartphone app that lets me customize my alarm to every single detail. First thing I did was getting an annoying alarm sound, then I disabled the snoozing completely. And then there’s the main piece; THE MATH. I now have to perform three tasks of simple math in order to shut down my alarm, which forces me to be mentally awake before I can actually stop the annoying sound of my alarm. After three months of this setup, I have not overslept once.

Now let’s get some sharing of opinion done and spread the love for the alarm-clock!

(Y yo?2 yo.) #2

What’s the app called?


I have my mom. But i use my cell phone and for my iphone I might download that up. But i usually get up about ten minutes before I leave foro school.

(JonasK) #4

The app is called Alarm Clock Xtreme.


I set 3 alarms, each a couple minutes apart. Wakes me up every time. at least for now


Just build a device that will turn your bed into a catapult and at the pre-selected hour, you’re launched out of bed.

I mean, if we’re gonna get extreme…

(Raphael) #7

I saw one that starts violently vibrating so it rolls of your bed side, and starts going around the room, and you have to chase it to get it to stop.


I’ve seen alarm clocks that will launch a little helicopter. The point being that you’ll have to place the helicopter back onto the alarm clock base to stop the alarm. I’ve seen others that do similar concepts with releasing other objects(electronic mouse, a ball) and requiring similar stuff: get out of bed, get it, oh wait, I’m away go shower… I’ve also seen ones that use a laser-tag type gun where you have to shoot a very small target to stop the alarm. The concept being that you place the alarm clock across the room so you have to deal with it from a range, and you will most likely need to engage a lot of attention to stop the alarm, hence you’re awake.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #9

I bought one of these in a different color for someone this year.


My jaw just dropped.
I have the exact same problem and I solved it the exact same way.


Awesomeness a little morning tag Buddie!!
Also here is the helicopter clock

I’m gonna look into that app though, is it free or do you pay?

(JonasK) #12

I do know of alarm clocks that you can program to roll under your bed so that you have to physically get up and fetch it.


I think after 2 weeks, I’d be taking a hammer to that thing. Don’t mess with me in the mornings! I am NOT a morning person.

My old alarm clock died recently. Fortunately, I had another one I got for my wife, who decided she hated it. Anyhow, that’s the one we’re using now. 2 alarms. One for her, one for me. What I dislike is it ramps up the alarm volume as if it’s trying to be polite. No, just be rude and loud and proud like my last one that I beat daily for like some 26 years. That snooze button… man, that took the biggest beating.

But really, for me, the alarm built into the iPhone’s clock app works fantastic for me using the alarm sound.


I use something that is called inner alarm or something so I don’t need alarm clocks, I always wake up at almost the same time (maybe because of my habit) but the problem is I cann’t get up late


Gets iPod out

(JonasK) #16

I used to have this, but with my music studies I have also started to gig some and it’s not unusual for me to stay up until 4 AM sometimes, which just messes with the sleeprhythm I used to have. I still wake up naturally every now and then, but every time that happens I’m pretty much like “oh snap, I overslept”. Then I look at my watch only to find out that my alarm goes off in 10 minutes.

(Y yo?2 yo.) #17

Me too, I’m just gonna download it when I need it later or something.