app ideas?

i enjoy programming apps, but right now i don’t have anything in particular that i am working on, and i can’t think of anything to start. any ideas? what i’m looking for is something that you would pay for. it can be a game, or something useful. it can be mobile or for the computer. some (or maybe most) ideas might be beyond my skill level. but any ideas will be appreciated.

Combination endless runner/rpg. Navigating the dungeon in an endless runner fashion, where you’re constantly moving. Avoid/attack enemies, navigate the maze, and level up your character.

i don’t really play any games, so i don’t understand everything you are saying. however, on second thought, i don’t really feel like making a game. what i am really looking for is something useful.
thnaks, though

Ummm, I dont know maybe a slow motion app? Like for phones that can’t already do with their camera. Or a tracking app that can track stuffz if your not too good with app stuff. Ummm a wallpaper builder? Like cropping and switching around pics. Idk I was just bored :stuck_out_tongue:

How about a physics/math problem solver like I have on my calculator?
…Or maybe an app to help you make apps?

What about a program for the iPod touch and iPhone that let’s create your own games in side the app like if you want an RPG game you can create it or if you want a simple building game you can do that and create levels and stuff.

Yeah! Like in the big bang theory!

Then again a good graphing calculator app would be awesome so you can actually make graphs for the x and y axis’s for the kids that can’t afford a $100 calculator for school.

that’s a good idea. it might already have been done, but i’ll give it a try.

yah if could have some of the features some of the Texas instrument calculators have you could probably get some awesome stuff going on.

just a warning, i cannot make stuff for the iphone. i con do androids and windows phones. windows phones are really easy, but unfortunately really unpopular (i don’t know why).

that’s fine by me my da always says how he needs a good calculator app.

An app for like teens full of good/bad ideas for general fun. Particular for boys we’re suckers for dumb fun stuff to do.

Yoyoexpert app for android.

See below.

Write an app that will allow you to positive and negative click a performance, track Major deductions, and performance. Then, plug that data automatically into a spreadsheet that will normalize the scores and list the players in order of score.


I have windows, if what you make is somewhat cool ill download it. Im actually using a windows phone 7 right now.

Haha, you won’t be able to use your phone as a calculator when $100 calculators are required.

yes but with some of the simpler stuff your supposed TP do with your calculator you could do with your phone.