What I would like to recommend is, Android and iphone apps for yoyoexpert, so it would be more mobile phone-friendly for smartphone users to navigate the yoyoexpert site.

Find a developer that’s willing to put in the effort.

Revisiting this after expending considerable time and effort pondering your question, all I can come up with is another question. That being, just what type of an app do you have in mind? The user interface to the forum is nothing more than a simple web page requiring a web browser. Don’t smart phones already have a web browser app?

This is just about the 5th request for a mobile app. :confused:

There’s been request for iPhones, BlackBerries, and now the Android?

What I have in mind is to leave out all the flash and shockwave players (or whatever’s playing the animations on the homepage). Since a mobile phone is rather small, I suggest that the app is developed in such a way that there is no need for scrolling(all over the page. Instead, there could be a vertical list of the different links, such as learn, forum, etc. In this format:
(Replace the contacts in the photo with the links, you get the idea)
So there would be less chance of the person accidentally clicking the link. This would make it more convenient as to go to yoyoexpert, we would just have to go to the app, launch it, then scroll down the list to see the stuff that we want to see.

(p.s. Sorry for the lack of a proper image, as I am not really adept at image editing.)