YoYo Expert App Suggestion


Just downloaded the YYE app for iPhone and absolutely love the forum integration. One suggestion I have for the app is to make a tab totally devoted to the “Learn” tab in the blog. Having to go through the blog, click the learn tab, scroll through what skill range you want, and picking what trick you want gets tedious and is oddly hard to do on a touch screen. It would be 100x easier to navigate through tricks if a new “learn” tab in the app were created with similar forum structure. The user would select the trick they want and the app would rout you to each individual trick’s URL on the site.

I was one of the first YYE members and have loved the site since the beginning. A user friendly app setup with an emphasis on teaching tricks will be a huge benefit for the entire yoyoing community.


There should be a mobile shop too with fast checkout

Here are some more suggestions

•push notifications

•be able to upload pics from iPod/iPhone

•chat room section

•mobile site

•mobile blog

•Alerts (deals)

•Learn section

•improved Mobile forum (to see the full profile of people)

•more emoji