Should I create a yoyoexpert iPhone app?

I emailed yoyoexpert and they said it is a great idea. I am wondering if people would buy it. It is going to take a great deal of work and mabey one to two years (programming is hard) to make. My company name is Rock_it Apps.

Oh wow, you make Iphone apps? Isn’t that in Objective-C?

And yes, that would be awesome.

It is auctally in cocoa touch which uses objective c

go for it.

You should, but make it like a lower version so its not like 3.1 and stuff, and not to pricey :smiley:

What’s an iPhone? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I think you should. If you had little or no cost I think a lot of people on YYE would get it. What would be on it?

I was thinking of something like the website where you could learn tricks, shop, post and read on the fourms, and more stuff that’s not even on the website. If someone could give me some ideas, that would be greatly appreciated.

You could have the YYE news come up as push alerts or something like that.

Have yoyo related pictures and wall papers/backbrounds.

yea, browse the forums and access the learn section and maybe view (but not necessarily buy) the newest yoyos. that’d be cooool.

too bad i dont have an iphone or ipod touch :stuck_out_tongue:

chat, lol, virtual yoyo world with a virtual shop and contest

I can do all that without an iphone. lol Still with my phone though.

I know I’m a developer and I should know this, but what exactly are push notifications?

Darnit you beat me to it. I figure an iphone app should have:

  • offline trick book
  • links to online vids for tricks
  • general yoyo info (beginners tips to maintenance of your yo)
  • community (openfeint api may have enough hooks to help this - in fact it would be nice to have “achievements” for doing real world yo tricks)
  • possible video post linking - iphone does youtube so there may be hooks there.

Keep in mind that there are as many ipods as iphones, particularly in the younger demographic, which means keep it useful offline and don’t make the camera mandatory.

A lot of this (online) you could do online simply using html5 and an optimized web app. Possibly a view over an existing website (static web apps can be easily bundled into true offline apps via xcode). Just a thought.

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Thank you

You can read up a bit here:

Make it accessible to android users!

A YoYoExpert app?

Would I use it? Most definitely.

Would I pay for it? Most definitely not.

Normally an app like this would be created by YoYoExpert itself to make the site more accessible for it’s users, and it would be free.

I was thinking just in a more friendly format with some offline content. Easy access shop and forums, etc.

Can’t you just use the web browser on the iphone to get onto yye and read the forums and such?
Is an app really necessary?

But hey, if people will buy it go for it man ;D

Yes, but we’re saying no sideways scrolling necessary. Plus more…

That would be awesome and I would buy it, so yeah! Cool ;D