AL7 Triton Owners

(G2 Jake) #1

I just wanted to say a special Thank You to all of the new owners! Thank you for selling out the Artic Chill in under 2 minutes and the Dirty Penny not long after. I appreciate all of
your support! The dozen was broken down into 7 Artic Chill and 5 Dirty Penny.


What What. I got a dirty penny.


I waited for these all day. I kept reloading yoyo expert, checking the main page, checking the GSquared page, checking the triton page, and they never appeared. No mention of a countdown or anything. This royally sucks. I wonder why it never appeared anywhere for me.

(G2 Jake) #4

Serious? I used the app to check the quantity, showed up for me.

That sucks man, I’ve seen you posted a couple times saying you wanted one.

I don’t have any extras, maybe email YYE to see if any were canceled?


I didn’t see them either! Time to start hunting the BST for one.


Seriously. I was constantly checking everywhere on yoyoexpert and nothing about the AL7 Triton ever showed up.

EDIT: I just check the part of the website I never ever look at and found a link to it in…the blog.

Why would there be a link to the AL7 Triton in the blog/news section but not the home page or store section or the gsquared section? Frustrating.

Double edit: Congratulations to everyone that scored one. That Arctic Chill looks so sharp.

Triple Edit. Apparently I’m blind. I was looking for it in all the wrong places. If I would have checked facebook, or clicked on the gsquared section and not just the gsquared drop down box in the menu. Guess it wasn’t meant to be.


I sold my Triton earlier today hoping to score one of these in time.
Well, I failed miserably, and now I’m Triton-less.


Yesterday, I was also constantly checking YYE and waited for the drop. Later, it showed up under “New Releases” where I saw the countdown. So that’s how I found out about it. However, I didn’t expect it to sell our so quickly. It was like “now they’re here, now they’re gone”.

Also, judging by some of the pictures I’ve seen on Facebook, it seems that some got sold outside the shop system. Either that or someone delivered them right the minute they were sold :slight_smile:

(G2 Jake) #9

Sad day :frowning:

(G2 Jake) #10

Sorry Bud, tried my best to let everyone know via my FB, Instagram, and YouTube. Hit me up with a pm next time with any questions, ill do my best to help you out.


I saw you talking about it on FB, but also only looked at the G2 pull down menu. I really don’t like the layout of the new blog, it looks cool, but will take a while to get used to.