Airtraffic Part 7 Enjoy

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Was that at the Eden Prairie or the Rosedale store? There used to be a club at Rosedale.

(Erik Kerber ) #3

That was ridgedale.

(kclejeune) #4

Yeah but a few years ago there was a club at rosedale. It was before a lot of you guys were yoyoing haha.


Pros: Tricks
Cons: Lighting, camera
Neithers: I just played disc golf ironically considering the background

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Thanks for the info

The camera I filmed it with was actually a gopro I just didn’t have some of the settings rght so thats why it was so grainy.

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I’m pretty sure there still is yoyo night at rosedale. I know they have it at EP. but I live closer to ridgedaale so thatse where I always go.


At the time the Rosedale club met on Sunday afternoons. The Rosedale thing fell apart because the woman that thought she was in charge couldn’t get along w/the store people. Then they started fresh a couple of years later. The Ridgedale store didn’t exist. In fact I wasn’t aware of there being one there now (don’t get out much :smiley: ).


^ Watched the video, and went the zone:

I like the video clips, going in slow motion,
That yo-yoing showing in your video was smoking,
You’re really smart, that cool video was lovely,
I like that part when you all ate at Subway,
I saw in the clip, that you ate really quick,
You guys are sick, slacks, whips in your tricks?
Nice video edit of you cooling with your boys,
Really good video, and…nice music choice. :wink:


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Thanks TA nice rap by the way youll have to post that in the rap thread.


Nice vid and some cool combos going on.


Pretty cool tricks and like stated above the foggy effect was not very good, but nonetheless I could still enjoy the content, so good job!

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Yea I’m starting to get better at running my Gopro so futur videos should have better quality.

(velez_adrian) #14

I would be there if i wasnt at iowa