A video of yo-yo night at Airtraffic.
Let me know what you think of it.  :slight_smile:

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That was really cool great choice of music also

Lots of great stuff going on at Air Traffic! Now I wish even more that there was a yoyo club around here… :wink:

Im the kid waring the red shirt

Thanks! I also have video from the Iowa state yoyo contest so i’ll try to post that as soon as it’s finished. :slight_smile:

What state is that in?

MN (i was in the video thats how i know)

Cool! I think that there is one in NJ… But it’s more than am hour away, so im never going to get driven there.

Nice video, my favorite toy store ;D May I ask which one you were in?

That’s the MOA one.

Wow really nice! , i wish there was something like that in ny

Actualy its the ridgedale one (i was there thats why i know)

There’s some seriously good lookin tricks in that Video the music worked nicely

Thanks again everyone!
(and yes it was in the Ridgedale mall it just looks a bit like the M.O.A. Airtraffic)

Wow. I feel dumb they look the same lol
I spend all my time in the rosedale mall one. Come there sometime… :smiley:

It’s hard to tell one Airtraffic from another at times.
What’s the age range for yoyo nite there?

I can’t go to them anymore because of orchestra, but the ones I’ve been to are anywhere from young kids (around 10) to adults (40s). They’re fun and you should go no matter how old you are. :slight_smile:

The one at ridge dale goes between 12 and 23 but come no matter how old you are

I would like to come, but it’s further than Ridgdale for me. I will be coming for any contests held at Rosedale, and maybe for a yoyo night at sopme point in time.