Mall Of America

hey,i’ll be near mall or america for a couple days, and i was wondering if anyone knew about a store there or near there that sold good yoyos, even duncans.

thanks in advance.

Air Traffic Kites and Games. THE stop for yoyos in the MoA.

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oh thanks!!! i saw that in a brochure, i’ll be sure to check it out tommorow, thanks !

I’m just gonna go ahead and ask… why do kite shops also sell good yoyos?
there’s are atleast 3 kite shops I know of that also sell yoyos.

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Because a Kite is considered a hobby toy, and a yoyo is also considered as such, so why not sell yoyos there too?


Pretty much the ONLY stop in the area. ;D

Cause they both involve objects at the end of strings

Well said Josh. Well said.

I went there once and I was expecting tons of cool amazing yoyos like they showed on their website but I was disappointed because they had a few basic YYJ, YYF and Duncan yoyos like legacy and starlight. The best they have there is ProtoStars and Northstars. But it is a great place to pick up string, counterweights, and looping yoyos! They also sell rockets and other cool kites though.

I was there the other day and they have much more than that. They store their metals in the glass case at the checkout desk. I believe I saw a juvinile offender and a spyy supra. There are also alot of yyf metals.

I bought a yo yo from a kite store once and I threw it up in the air, but it didn’t fly very well! So I took it back.

Yep ya just gotta look around a bit. If you don’t see it, ask. Or go to the Rosedale store. :wink:

Do they have one in the san jose area?

No they are Mpls/St.Paul MN only.

Is there any in the california area?

What part of this is not clear?

oops… sorry about that

there are two shops here in california. Bird in hand, and sunshine kite co. Bird in hand is in Chico, sunshine kite is in redondo beach.

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