Airport Security

Hello. Im new to the forums but not a novice yo-yoer. I just have one quick question that I need answered. Will I get in trouble with security if I bring a Dark Magic through the metal detectors? Have any of you ever gone through the metal detector with a yoyo without any trouble? Since the metal parts and all. Or can I just put it through the x-ray machine without security getting suspicious for no reason? This really isn’t that much of a deal so I’m not trying to sound desperate. But I don’t want to cause stupid time consuming problems when trying to get to the gate.

Thanks in advanced

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I don’t think it will set anything off. If it does and they ask you, show off your skills! :smiley:

I guess I can just put it through the x-ray conveyor belt thingy.

They will notice that Dark Magic is a yoyo. :wink:

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I brought my Frantic and my DM through the airport last time I flew. The DM will set off the metal detector, so just put it throught the x-ray machine. They wont say anything about it.


They won’t say anything about yoyos if you put them through the X-Ray machine.

JM and Gm user, did you read my post?

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Probably, but I would rather trust JM’s post personally. It seems to be more factual.

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I did, but I didn’t think that really answered his question. He knows its a yo-yo, the airport security will know its a yo-yo, but that doesn’t really say anything about how they will react to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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My case went through the scanner, all they did was ask me to do some tricks

Totally not kidding about this AT ALL.
Happens pretty much every time I fly

put it through the xray scanner and you’ll have no trouble

that what I was thinking
I was afraid if I bring my yoyo case to Sacramento they won’t let me bring it

it would be fine in the x-ray. People take metal things on planes all the time. :wink:

Im going on a plane in 3 days and im bringing my dv888 YOu just put wear you put jewerly and stuff

I dunno, Airport security may want to rethink that after this thread:


lol j/k

@ funnyguy: As said previously, I don’t think you’ll have a problem.

If they ask you about them, just say," Yeah, I’ve got mad skills…" Then, get your yoyos and start showing off your tricks. Oh, and like everyone else said, it’s not a big deal, they won’t do anything about it!

It might depend on the airport and stuff. At one airport I had to take of my shoes in the security gate, but I got through with a tube of toothpaste at another one. And yoyos does not contain anything that’s illegal to take on a plane, so you’ll be good.

Last time I flew I had my case of 12 yoyos they just stopped it while it was in the x-ray machine and looked at it funny for a few moments then the just let it pass through

My Warning Line went off once. There was an international guy, and I said " yoyo."

He didn’t understand me, so I did a few tricks. He finally got it, and said “yoyo” back.

Funny times.

I’ve done a round trip with my Dark Magic and I got pulled out of the security line because of it. I suppose it looked suspicious. When I opened up my bag and pulled it out I just told the guy there’s a lot more to it than just up and down.

He kind of chuckled about it and sent me on through with my stuff.

Then on the flight home it went through with no questions asked.