Ahmad Dimi suffers stroke



So I saw this on yoyonews today and maybe some of you have seen this already. I didn’t want to bum anyone out, I just thought it was worth reading and sending positive vibes that way. I’m admittedly biased as my dad suffered a massive stroke when I was a teenager and is completely paralyzed on his right side so I’m very familiar with the challenges he and his loved ones are about to face. Take care or your health everyone, peace!


Eeek! Hope he has a good recovery!


Dimi is a benchmark for coolness. He has always been high on encouragement and positivity.

A ton is energy and he knows what’s good to eat🤓 in Malaysia.

At his level of enthusiasm; if anybody can bounce back; he can.


There was a fund raiser on FB BST, last report was he’s recuperating well.


That’s good to hear, I’m also glad to see it seems like he’s has strong support :muscle::slightly_smiling_face: