"Happy Juice" by Guy Wright

I just happened to stumble upon this old article by Guy Wright this morning. I remember reading it back when it was first posted, but it’s such an inspiring read even the second time. It’s so true, haha, sometimes I just forget how FUN yoyos are… I get caught up in trying to invent new tricks or learn some new concept that I think I’ve lost a lot of the simple happiness that you get from it. I think we all could use a refresher on this.

"Hello friends. This is just one of those little thoughts that make me enjoy what I do a little more.

The portable happy machine:
It all starts with what makes you or rather what makes everyone happy. Well, its chemicals…in your brain. (serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, whatever) when these chemicals are released it makes you happy. (To put it in a really simplified way) lets call it happy juice. Nice and simple right?

The tricky part:

Getting it to be released. The reason that your brain releases happy juice is because your brain has determined that your body has done something awesome and therefore it (you) deserves a reward. So it’s all about the reward for effecting the physical world in just the right way. So if you get your body to dance around just right your brain will see that and say “hey that’s some mighty fine dancing. How bout a dose of happy juice?” and BAM! You’re happy.

The other tricky part:

What does your brain consider to be worthy of a reward? This can pretty much be determined by you. You just have to play around a little. For example: who is to say how hard it is to throw a suicide?…you do! This is your brain we are talking about right? So technically it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. If you believe that it is hard to do your brain will agree that it is hard to do. So in turn when you throw a boss suicide you will get hella happy juice.

The beauty:

Yoyos are nice and small. Much smaller that other things people use to get happy juice (guitars, cars, bars,…stars…sorry got carried away with rhyming) they also have an infinite amount of tricks/maneuvers that you can do with them.

So, when your standing at the dreary bus stop going to work/school and everyone around you is staring at the ground you can reach into your pocket, take out your Guy wright pro model Punchline by SPYY, throw it around and smile because your one of the lucky few that has a portable free happy juice machine. Push this button, pull that lever, play with the infinite number, find a combo that your brain will reward you for, and BAM! Collect your free happiness."

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Awe inspiring.

Do you have any ideas when he posted this article Kyle?

Now I’m thirsty, FOR SOME HAPPY JUICE! but thanks for the post, guy wright is the man.

I just looked for it on the SPYY blog, and it was posted January of 2010, so just over a year ago. :slight_smile:

Correction, Guy wright is THE man.

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LOL! this is such an interesting advert!!!