Happiness is....

Let’s keep in on topic.

I just got my CLYW Arctic Circle today. Amazing, very smooth. I think I may like the Chief better, but hey, this is VAST improvement over the Canvas. It’s like in between the Avalance and the Chief. I need to give it more time. Since my Chief is with a friend now across the country, I will have to settle for my new Yogi Arctic Circle for the time being.

So, yes, I’m happy with this yoyo. But that got me to thinking. There’s things better than just simply OWNING the yoyo.

One of the things I like about the meets I go to or the meets I attend or the contests I go to is SHARING my yoyos with others. I find yoyo’ers in general to be rather respectful and I don’t really have to worry about stuff walking away without someone asking for something first. The joy of letting someone try something they normally might never be able to try, or to try something before they buy so they can make an informed decision.

It reminds me of what I do sound for stupid-cheap rates. I got the gear, what good does it do me sitting in my garage or sitting in my truck not being used? Audio gear, like yoyos and other sporting goods, are meant to be taken out and USED. Since my audio gear is paid for in full, I have no overhead outside of insurance, diesel fuel and the occasional bit of maintenance. Bring the gear out and let other people take advantage of both the audio gear and my skills that go with it. Similar, why hoard the yoyos, why not let other people try them? I mean, the most I can ever use at once ideally is 2 at a time. That leaves a LOT available for others to try. And if someone wants to try the one I’m throwing, I can just swap that yoyo for something else in the collection.

Sharing. Definitely one of the keys to my happiness. Bring happiness to others. Do your part a little each day!

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I hear ya!

I do the same thing with my photography equipment. It really is of no use to me sitting in my closet tucked away waiting to be used. So when I hear someone might need a photographer but can’t afford the normal rates I often will go out and shoot for food so to speak. Plus I always bring my yoyo’s and have some beginner ones in my car at all times. When I meet someone, young or old, interested in learning I give them a few quick lessons and hand them a yoyo. Makes me happy to throw and shoot so why not spread the happiness!

Reading this forum, and contributing. tim

Happiness is…

That sweet feeling of finally hitting that trick.

This is what I love about you, Chris. Not only do you agree to let others try out your throws, but you have such a great attitude about it too! You always seem to be going the extra mile to help people out. You set a brilliant example to this community! :slight_smile:

Happiness is being able to have great people in the community to let you try out throws before you buy one!

I’ll spend 95% of the time at contests, meets, and hanging out with yoyo buddies throwing yoyos that are not mine. I like that yoyos can be a sort of communal thing. I’ve seen yoyos float around a contest venue all day, popping up all over the place. I’m sure the owner was always nearby, but I still found it funny.

Happiness is YOYO!! :smiley:

Theres this special feeling you get when you share a yoyo. Much more so when it’s someone special to you. To me, its like almost giving them a small piece of me for them to play around with. That to me is happiness, sharing a piece of yourself to make those around you happy

Happiness is…

When I get someone into yo-yoing and having a good time.

happiness is…
recieving a yoyoexpert usps box on your front door!

a warm gun?


Happines is life feeling good. ;D

Happiness is landing that new trick consistently (or for the very first time), and showing others how amazing the simple can be…and that not everything has to be charged up and turned on to keep yourself busy.

To me, happiness is when I catch someone’s interest in yoyoing to the point I’m letting them try one out and having them ask me where they can buy a good yoyo. Having my iPhone handy, I pull up YYE and show them a good all-arounder that won’t make their parents cringe when they see the price.

Lastly, my brother had come by today and headed straight to my yoyo bag…he’s been messing with my Avant Garde. Him being in a bad mood due to several events today, I showed him my newest trick and then showed him how to do it. Though a bit sloppy and the yoyo cut out on him, he managed to get the basic idea of Gondola down. Yoyoing appeared to take his mind off of things and excitement rose when he finally figured it out…so now he’s got some homework to do tonight :slight_smile:

My brand new in the box NvsYYC Sky Walker White Knight is over at theroybit’s place until Tuesday or Wednesday. I did get to throw it a few times, but he got to throw it first.

Man, that’s a smooth throw!

There’s no point in collecting if you’re not going to throw it, at least that’s how I operate. And if you got it, if you can share it, then do so. My Chief is on the way back from Florida and I should see that Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I’ll be sending my Arctic Circle out in a couple of weeks for “evaluation” same as I did with the Chief. He wasn’t exactly feeling it with the Chief. Better he borrowed mine than plunge and not have been happy.

Yup, feeling good! Feeling happy!