Something to share - a post inspired by Sniffy Yo (R.I.P)

This post is inspired by Sniffy Yo’s untimely departure. This is a post about anything you want to share.

I know everyone goes through tough times or have gone through it sometime or another. Maybe we need a way to vent these feelings/thoughts. Let people get to know you a little more than just a screen name. Share something unique or share your thoughts right now. You will be surprised how many people out here are willing to listen and even help you.

Sharing your experience can be very enlightening and even powerful. A lot of people don’t like to share their personal issues or problems but I dare you to try.

Something to share:

Some of my closest friends in the yoyo community are aware about my health condition but I am here to share. Two years ago right before I got married, I got diagnosed with Heart Failure due to enlargement of my heart. I was shocked, I was 25 at the time. My cardiologist told me that I need a heart transplant if I wanted to live a long life. Well I took that news pretty well as I count the days until my cardiologist decides to put me on the transplant list. Anyways, I had to be strong, I didn’t want to put my future wife into panic mode right before our big day. I accepted it and made some changes, it was all about my attitude towards my life.

One week after our wedding, I suffered a stoke. I was sitting at home working when all of a sudden my mouth went dry and as I got up to grab some water, the left side of my body went totally numb and I fell on the ground. Luckily my wife had just got home and we went to the ER where I had a seizure (my face literally turned upside down) and passed out. I was hospitalized for a week and I was diagnosed with Protein C deficiency disorder (blood clotting disorder) which caused the blood clot and it eventually got to my brain.

Anyways, after I was out of the hospital… I didn’t work for 6 months and I was very very depressed. I mean I just found out I have heart failure and with in weeks I had a stroke and I am in risk of having future strokes because of my blood clotting disorder. However, I kept a positive attitude because I was still alive and moving and had no side effects from the stroke. Needless to say me staying at home for 6 months gave me a lot of time with my yoyo. It helped me take my mind off my issues and it became more than just a toy, it was my therapy. I also had the support of my wife, family and close friends, which is very important to have.

I am happy to say that I am not depressed anymore and have not been for a very very long time, but I just wanted to share this with everyone and hope more people share their experiences. You will come to find out that not everyone out there is living in a perfect world. We all have ups and downs, but its your attitude that pulls you through.

I made this post not to just share my story but to hear others as well and to say that you are not alone. We all go through this, this is life and some are going through them right now. I know some might feel like this is too personal, but I am proud to share my story and proud to be the person I am today. You should be proud of your self too. Take pride in your life or do something about it! Reach out to someone, I can’t speak for everyone else but I am here to help.

Does anyone else have something to share?


I’m currently 15 years old and I have had 2 kidney stones. My urologist told me the amount of pain I felt was equivalent to the pain of birth. I just had another 1.3 years ago and had surgery two days before Christmas. The next week I had follow-up. My doctor informed me it was hereditary(I already knew this since my mom has had over ten stones. Her family is known for health issues). He also told me that because of my past health issues(and future prediction at my rate of forming stones) I wouldbe subjected to kidney failure(dialysis). Being only 14, I got down on myself and thought that my life was pointless. Though I got through it because I started improving my health; mentally and physically. Now I’m wiser and positive about my future.

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As I was entering high school last year, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It’s hard getting news like that and it’s so overwhelming especially at a time like that where you should be having fun. It has been inconvenient and has caused a lot of issues, but for the most part it’s been okay. I’m generally a happy person, so I just go with the flow of things and just make it apart of my life. Sometimes I fear if one day I just won’t wake up, or I won’t live as long as my future family, or live long at all. It’s scary to think about. But, for the most part, I’ve gotten used to it and I’ve had a great time in high school.

I’ve been down a little recently though as my girlfriend of one year (would be a year at least, tomorrow) decided she wanted a break. Kinda depressing and hard to comprehend after mostly a great and happy relationship, but I hope for the best and I hope that we can work things out and get back together, cause it’s been hard recently, not having the person you love there. I know it seems like nothing to you guys but we really did have a great relationship and we trusted eachother alot, we could talk about anything, but now we can’t do that anymore. We still talk everyday and maintain our relationship as friends but I hope in the future that we can get back together because I miss it. I miss it all.

Probably nothing compared to your guy’s stories, but I still thought I would share. Also, I would like to say I’m here for anybody who wants to talk. About anything, any time. I’m here for you, just message me.

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Well three years ago i suffered from depression. My family was going through tough times with my grandfather passing away, and my dad not being a great guy(he’s turned around and is acting like old times) but it was to the point where me and my little brother always had a suitcase in our room in case we did leave. being a freshman in highschool and not having any good friends really got in my a dark place. this lead to some poor decision and got me into a bad group of friends. but after a year of acting like this and my family not getting much better is when i joined a club at my school. I joined technical theatre which sets up sets for the school performances. The group is where i was introduced to Yoyoing and my girlfriend of two years now. So in retrospect if the three loves of my life never came across I don’t know how I would have gotten out of my hole. Every day I regret my decisions but i was thankful for those people there for morale support and boosting up my self esteem.

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