Jason Becker & yo-yo giveaway!

Hello everyone, have you guys heard about Jason Becker? He was a master at playing guitar and-yoyo at the same time! A guitar legend that by the age of 20 was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease) which slowly robbed him of his ability to walk, play guitar and speak. After 2 decades struggling with the illness, he still composes music and is able to communicate only through the movement of his eyes, a communication system created by his father. You really should check him out, very inspiring story. Extraordinary human being! http://www.jasonbeckermovie.com

I’m also doing a yo-yo giveaway on a video dedicated to his 43rd birthday, just leave a nice comment to him (birthday related or not) there on Youtube and you’re entered :wink:

Thanks for your time!

Hang in there Jason! You’re an amazing artist!

Happy Birthday, Jason! Thank you for sharing us your music that touch everyone! :] Music is universal and I love how it speaks to everyone regardless of nationality, race, and native tongue.

Happy birthday and keep inspiring all those who want to be a great artist like you.

Holy cow, that is some awesome music. Truly an inspirational person, keep fighting Jason. Music is meant to be thoughtful and beautiful, and you do such a wonderful job.

Happy birthday Jason, and keep fighting! Continue to inspire people everywhere and show us there’s no obstacle too big to conquer.

Happy bday man hang in there

Wow keep rocking those solos! I’m sure your story has touched the hearts of many in this world and we thank you for that. Happy birthday! :slight_smile:

Wow! Keep up the amazing work! Truly inspiring.

our prayers are with you, my grandpa passed away a few days ago, stay strong!

I give people like this so much respect, keep going you encourage us all

I am always impressed and overawed by anyone who has a strong enough will to overcome difficulties like this, many people, my self included, would not be able to do this, and would just give up, even better, is that you are still able to take part in what you enjoy. Congratulations, and happy birthday.

Jason’s music has inspired me as well. Hang in there Jason!!

Do we post our comments here?


You can make it through this!!

I’m praying for you!

Guys, you are awesome! I’m so happy that you took your time to actually learn a little about Jason’s story. He really deserves that!

Here’s a small footage of him kicking some ass with the yoyo and guitar, too bad there’s not much :frowning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83zX_JZX38k

As I said on the original topic, comments were supposed to go there on YT, cause he won’t read them here. But it’s awesome that you guys care. Thank you so much!

JB is the man. One of my major inspirations on guitar.
Happy bday Jason!!

Indeed my friend, I’m not even a guitar player and he is my major influence too. That’s how powerful his music is!

I love Jason Becker. I have actually been a fan for a very long time. You should hear Perpetual Burn it is probably his best album. Pure genius!!! Best Shred Album Ever!!!