My first video!!!


I hope you like it!


If you have a YouTube account comment and subscribe please!


Hey, you’re just a little guy! You don’t play like a little guy though, outstanding maneuvering and impressive speed. You exhibit great control and dexterity when working with multiple string formations. Outstanding form, especially for a young man your age. Once again I’m humbled by the young kids here at YYE!

Thanks WilliamB! Subscribed.


Thanks banjo spins! And yup, I am a little guy! 10 years old!

(NotATyrant) #5

You’re really good for a dude your size!




I know. Isn’t he great! I’m super impressed! When I was ten I was still struggling keeping my shoes tied.




DUDE INSANE BRAH!! how long have ya been thowing?

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Well, now you can work on your submission for the Dead Thread contest


haha, you have nicer yoyos than I do :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks! Ive been yoyoing for about 11 and a half months! :smiley:


I’m going to make a new video on Sunday!


William can u come over tomorrow to make a video maybe???


Nathan if your going to say something that does not have to do with YoYoing then TEXT ME!


Okay, I couldn’t see the string at all. Try using something other than a cramped cell phone camera, as well as add music. You are skilled for your age however. You’ll figure out what makes a good video eventually. At first I thought you were using an H5 or something :smiley:


What’s an H5? By the way, I’ll take your advice. Tomorrow I might be going to Nathan’s house (Wanted Pinguin) and we are going to make a youtube video and post it here, and Nathan has green polyester Duncan string, so ill ask him if I can use that instead of my yellow, red, and orange expert string.

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The H5 is a yoyo edsigned by C3.

Look at it here:


Okay thanks Nemyo! Your the best! By the way, I liked your combo! It was awesome!


The H5 is a HUGE yoyo.