Brett came up with some good stuff

Kind of a model for those who were not innately talented , including myself. Not always as slick as some others, but got the job done ha.

Hope he’s doing ok. I contacted him once to put his tricks in a playlist, but no reply. Some of his original stuff was great. His health was not the greatest lately by his own admission. Think High Speed yoyo is still up, as well as Jakes old tricks which are winners. Brett has good guitar skills as well, think he did the backing for some of his vids.

Something sort of “old school” about the above trick. I like putting basic moves into something that flows. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

Like many of you here, he worked really hard at yo-yoing and progressed quickly. I’ve seen a few players now who have started from the ground, and a couple of months later doing stuff I haven’t mastered.


His guy wright slo mo vid will forever be burned into my brain :blue_heart:

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Used to watch Brett’s videos a lot back in the day. He was super active in the community. Even did some anodising I believe. Throwing at work while it was quiet, Jammin on the guitar, just an all round cool dude. I was sad to hear of his health conditions a few years ago. Hope he was able to get the help he needed.

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Agreed he’s a talented and super nice guy. I don’t think he anodized but he painted (maybe powder coat). Also a little trivia but if I recall he was the second “G” of G2 originally.


He didn’t anodize, but he painted. I have one of his eggshell pieces.

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