Bored Wednesday and ILOVEYOYO


Hey guys/gals my first post here thought I would share my latest vid.


Awesome video, saw it on youtube but still cool :smiley:

Welcome to YoYoExpert Brett! Always hoped you’d come here :stuck_out_tongue:

(JonasK) #3

Bout’ time Brett :stuck_out_tongue:

You are awesome!

(202andrew) #4

so true. welcome to the forums. I love your videos such a big fan.


hahaha thanks guys, dont know why I never joined.

Seems like a really cool forum.


Man I just love your style! With all the grinds and slack it’s just awesome.

That combo from 1:35-1:47 was just nasty. Your soooo smooth. Two big thumbs up dude :wink:


Wondrous as always, Brett ! You are so relaxed and cool in this one. That red string looks like it is 1/4" thick !

This forum is a great place…full of positive, friendly, appreciative people. You belong here.


(Mitch Ginder) #8

Don’t pull your classic bad bind fail to face smack combo with that noctu!

Good video, your style is unique.