WahPah! Yoyo Vid

A vid made for a battle and for my friend and I to just put our footage online  :slight_smile:
We’ve only been yoyoing for 3months. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley: ;D
my friend is Mr.Genki on the forums he just made one today

me and cbaxt will put our video up soon

also when u get urs ready and we do the poll ima add more to this vid.

im the asian kid in that video

Sweet video but all I have to say that in the beginning of the video I saw BuddhaFusion and thought he should work on his string tension.

dude for some reason when i use yoyoexpert string it looses tension very easy
also it was old string

Even with bad string tension, that was an excellent vid!

apprectiate it thankz very much Q

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I just realized that we started yoyoing at roughly the same time. Do I smell a battle brewing?

lol aight
do u want to do a 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 (id use my friend in this vid for that)

let’s do 2 on two. I have a friend who is, okay.

when do u think ull have ur vid ready?
would i be able to use this?
if not would i be able to add some of this footage in the next vid?
but most likly id be adding like a clip or 2 in the next vid

It won’t be for a bit. No camera ATM, cause mine broke.

Yeah, you could use this.

Dude wat waz that goldish yoyo in the beginning of the vid.

frantic i got it for 20$ from matt (yoitsmatt!) on this site its my fav yoyo right now because i got it for so cheap i just take that to skwl :slight_smile:

Cool Frantic ;]

lol ya matt i didnt start hatting it i actually got faster with it cause i can practice more on the go and not worry about my new expensive yoyo scratching cause i got this for 20bucks (btw thanks again for making it so cheap) and because it has sharper edges than those rounder yoyos so it helps go fast.
again thankz for it :wink: ;D

Don’t worry. you’ll hate it with time.

LOL! okay thank god if i do people at school will buy it for like 30$ because they dont knw where to get em

Hey wat waz that song called in the vid