give my friend a hand

listen, my friend started out yoyoing after me and my other friend darkadlermagic3 recommended the yoyofactory one for him.
it would make his day when he comes back from camp and sees 200+ views. im asking for all you yoyoers to watch this video in its entirety and possibly give him some helpful criticism by commenting (especially coming from professional yoyoers). also try not to cry from his fails! if you are a professional or forum expert or moderator or any position of significance, please say so so hes knows hes getting advice from the pros! :wink:

i added this longer video just for an extra view of his skill level

please show your friend how to string a yoyo properly.
And not to be mean, but that wasn’t really a review of the one. Moreso just him showing the two bearings.
And perhaps a better camera would help as well.

He should probably get a bit more experience before he makes videos like that.


keep teh comments and views comin!

I fully agree.






100 views and counting! hes coming back on saturday, i want to get as many views as possible!

bump and i will keep on bumping until saturday

Also as you know the difference in the two bearings is width for responsiveness, not spin times. Just try and show him a couple things at a time so he doesnt get overwhelmed.