First long yoyo vid!!

:smiley: Here it is…

I am intermediate atm, so please do constructive critisicm (typo?) and not just insults :stuck_out_tongue:

no comments? :o


Youve made a good, promising start. How long have you been yoyoing?
I especially like how easily you got into the 1/2 mount, it causes alot of problems usaually for beginners.
The only thing is that at some points it is quite hard to see your string. Try to use coloured strings that dont blend in with the background and maybe have a bit better lighting.

Overall a great first video and good luck with future tricks!

Thanks! I have been yoyoing for about 2.5 months. I’m using my mom’s digital camera, so i think that seeing the string (green atm) is out of the question. Thanks a lot though!

How in the world did you get the yoyo to go sideways??? It’s like some awesome-weird gyro flop!

when what times?

You mean the first trick?
I call it a gyroscopic mach 5. You do it by going into mach five and doing one full rotation (ending with throw hand on top) then (if you’r right handed) turn string to left gently. You need to experiment with how hard to pull string, but you’ll get it down with practice ;D.

your better than my brother that has been yoyoing on and off for a year. Keep it up, you could be the next big thing.

Happy YOing ;D


Thanks. just got skin the gerbil, so in a few more tricks, i may make a new vid ;D.

try working on people being able to see the string

Yeah. I can only get the string on camera when the camera is 1-2 feet away. So come X-mas, I’ll get a camcorder (mabey), then I can get the string.

Hey. If you care, I realised I could swivle my overhead track light, so my next vid should actually have string in it! :o

Great job on the vid!

Even though your just starting, you have really good form and hit all your tricks perfectly. I really like your style.

Oh, and just like Gorrilla_YO, your better than my brother aslo! And you’ve been yoyoing for a MUCH shorter time than him!

Keep it up!


That was awesome!!!

btw what yoyo?

Heyy I DO know you! :stuck_out_tongue: nice first video! ill bring my camera, and if everyone can make it, ill bring my camcorder and give everyone a chance to film a little :smiley:

Thanks all! sorry i haven’t responded for a while. It’s a stock kickside with 50/50 string (I think).