Backyard BANTER!!


Thanks for Watching, and Advice is welcome

(JackG) #2

amazing…! nice music

(TheBlackStar) #3



pretty good


nice video and welcome to yoyoexpert

(Mark) #6

Nice Video. I like the slack tricks in the beginning and not to be rude or harsh but practicing landing on the string would be helpful in the long run. But I think the greatness in the video out shines missing the string.

By the way, welcome to yoyoeXpert! This is a very friendly forum and can help you in your everyday yoyo needs.

(JM) #7

Nice video man!

//Mom in the background grilling FTW//



Nice video!
Tricks weren’t too advanced, but I like how you put together some combos.


I really enjoyed the combos. They all ran together very smoothly.
welcome to yoyoexpert and i hope you enjoy the people here.


Thank you to all for the warm welcoming. I’m glad you all enjoyed my video, and I’m glad you enjoyed my tricks. My tricks aren’t very advanced yet because I’ve only been throwing for 6 months, but I’ll get there :slight_smile: Thank you again