Sam Brant

[august 26th]
here’s a new one;

please criticize the tricks.

[August 21st]
I filmed and edited a video today, please criticize it.

“It’s a stall” I laughed my friggin *** off at this. But anyways, nice video, great tricks, flowed well. Great job!

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Thanks! I wouldn’t have used that bit if the yoyo didn’t end up spinning proper again.

Lol, that was funny.

Sweet vid!

Thanks, I was really happy with how the edits sort of fit together, my favorite bit is when I’ve done a trick and then I threw it and it cuts to almost the exact same thing half a second earlier and goes onto a different trick, most of the edits came by coincidence.

just an update, I really enjoy making videos and it has helped me figure out a few new things.
I will be trying to continue making some videos a bit more frequently, specifically to get whatever things I’ve been doing lately, including other people stuff such as the two jensen trick variations I did in this one. the main thing is to have the concepts out of my head and through my hands so I can move on.

so here’s a new one;

please criticize the tricks.

I wish I could do Brent Stole… :-[

Did you get it yet?

also no one has even criticized the tricks ;_;

You should do a tut or something on the 4th trick in the first vid. It was awesome.

I would like to see the first trick without you COMPLETELY F*CKING IT UP. :stuck_out_tongue: It looks like it could benefit from something different at the end though.

I loved the second vid. You were just having fun. Plus the Worlds 2013 was hilarious.

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I mentioned in my update post on the 26th that two of the tricks in that one are Jensen’s but I didn’t really point out which ones. that hop one is jensen’s hop tower to magic slack tower or whatever, but instead of the slack bit I hopped onto the back string for a ladder mount thing and to the front into a triangle,

the first trick in the 26th’s video is jensen’s crossarmed double laceration or whatever, I think I can get a whip thing for after it, but I won’t do it on camera again unless I can get something cool that relies on that mount from the laceration to get there.

I’d really like to get some more complicated stuff from like the last trick with the rejection so I will probably keep working on things like that. and that slack bit in the second to last trick of the comma video has always been a tough thing to have consistent so I was really happy it was on film.
If you want me to do a video detailing any tricks I can, but since both the ones you mentioned were not created by me I’ve just linked a source.

very good

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Yeah I was gonna say it felt very Kimmitt-ish

To be honest I’d rather move away from simply using Jensen’s tricks, I don’t mind creating tricks in the style of Kimmitt but using his move feels like a cheat. I did feel the rejection I mentioned earlier was very jensen like but the one trick with a similar move was totally different.

For the future videos I am going to keep the tricks clean, I don’t like using clips of tricks with mess ups in them very much.

thanks for the feedback, you don’t mind if I keep updating this thread whenever I make a new one?

I hear ya. I made up a variation of his magic dick trick because I couldn’t figure out how to do it the same way he did. It definitely didn’t feel like my own trick.

But yeah, keep all your vids here. No point in clogging up the vid section lol.