Practice, Practice, Practice: 10 Months In..


Well its been 10 months now. I have learned alot, and still have more to learn.

I have made some good friends along the way. Im glad this hobby can bring some of together even thru age differences, different places in the world, we all share a common interest and thats fun.

I went thru a firestorm of being the new guy, and for believing in myself and documenting it which may have been overkill LOL.

I have practiced till my fingers bled or went numb, I have taken one to many shots to the head(Stupid Signature Trick) and I have given back everything I can to the community. With out you I am no one so Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way I appreciate the support, the criticism, and the fuel to make me want to keep learning and be better.

I would like to thank Guy Wright for inspiring me beyond belief, no other thrower makes me want to grab a yoyo and learn as Guy Wright does. I will get that good some day LOL.

Anyway enough Jibber Jabber… on to the video.

This was just me messing around at work no planning, nothing special, take the good with the bad, its just a video. No special editing or fancy tricks just plain ol’ fun at work doing what I do best Practice, Practice, Practice.

Thanks Everyone

(SR) #2

Absolutelly amazing, Brett. That was extreme pwnage. Your best yet…

(Waylon) #3

I hope I’m half that good at ten months. What sort of work do you do that you can throw and your co-workers don’t even bat an eye? That’s the kind of job I need.

(YoYoBlaze) #4

wow nice and simple AMAZING i should post a vid for my 1 month at yoyoing lol


WHAT!!! You have only been throwing for 10 month. I thought you were throwing for atleast a couple of years…Wow :o :o :o



(Zach Smith) #7

Chopsticks suicide?!? Sick! :o