No! I want to save my money for a draupnir or a palpitation but this is also the 2nd to last run of the AC2 ugh why

It’s life way of telling you to become success in a career and finance so when moments like this arise you can responsibly pull the trigger.

That means there’s one more run. Just wait for an Orca at this point anyways.

I’m going to order the Aconcagua 7 Summit

Life is about balance which takes planning. I can understand how greed can be percieved however earning your living is more than just about money. Up to you how you wish you conduct your finances but I am greatful for my income as there is no greater reward than being able to take care of my family.

Yoyorfy. Tough spot. I think in time you will be able to aquire all 3 if you so desire. Maybe not new but there will always be opportunity.

Yeah I just need to be patient but I’m worried that I won’t ever end up getting an AC2

I’ll probably never own a Gulfstream but I’ve learned to deal with it.

lol what

Bst is a thing :slight_smile:

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lol what a silly worry. There’s hundreds of the dang things. ~30 on YYE right now, tons in the BST, etc.

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I always find it funny how much praise CLYW gets even with so many constantly on the BST.

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I don’t know about you guys but I’ll be saving up for either one of the OD bi-metals, or the OD titanium.

This. It amazes me how highly they come by recommendation, while at the same time it seems like more than half end up on eBay, the BST or other avenues of resale. They can’t be all they’re cracked up to be if everyone is always trying to get rid of them, a lot of times at <50% of retail. I actually almost bought a clyw recently on the BST. Then I realized how low the price was and how many were available. Decided strongly against it. Maybe one day they’ll release a budget throw.

The reason there are many clyws on the bst isn’t because they are bad… It’s mostly because we are selling more yoyos than most high end manufacturers so there are more floating around.

Also yoyos from other manufacturers tend to not keep as high of a resale value(especially budget metals) as CLYWs so a lot of people dont bother with selling them, that’s why you hardly ever see shutters,level6 or benchmarks on the bst.

Didn’t mean any disrespect or anything, just thinking out loud I guess. I’ve honestly never thrown a CLYW, and maybe one day I will and have been totally wrong. I’m sure they are great, I’ve heard loads of good stuff about them. And I like the tutorials/videos/overall attitude of the company. The throws are a bit out of my budget, which probably influences my opinion. I hope to see CLYW continue to grow and evolve.