Need help :(

What would you recommend me doing with my draupnir

Me selling my draupnir, getting a chief and some money.
Not selling the draupnir
Sell the draupnir get a puffin 2 and some money

Well i would save for a chief or a puffin and keep both the new yoyo and a draupnir even though it may take longer…

True, I can do that with a new yoyo holder company I’m about to start.

Nothing wrong with getting rid of a yoyo that doesn’t seem to be your thing, especially when you can make someone else happy as well as yourself.

Yay that made me have a change of mind. The chief looks really cool. And with the money I get I’ll get a mint genesis w/ hubs and help me start up my new company :slight_smile: thanks skitrz. Do you have a chief? Do you like skiing :slight_smile:

Nah, he lives on South Padre Island.
The sig pic and avatar are just a come on.

Lol, wish I had more votes on my poll :frowning: